April 5, 2012


When I conceptualized this humble food blog of mine, back in 2010 (but was officially launched in January 2011), I had ten SECTIONS in mind. My constant deliriously delicious dining discoveries focuses on only a few sections - Bon Appetit, 7107 Flavors, Burp - for eat-all-you-can dining spree, Nothing But Chocolate and Desserts Unlimited. One section that I have not yet tackled or got the chance to post a single article is the section Kitchen Goddess.

Kitchen Goddess is all about kitchen tips and easy-to-do recipes. My first Kitchen Goddess post is just that - an easy to do recipe which my family has enjoyed over the years. My own version of Tuna Basil Pasta.

I first encountered the idea of tuna pasta when I had a meeting with my previous TV producer for the cooking show we were doing back in 2003. Her recipe was quite different though, using black pitted olives, capers, chili flakes and tuna flakes. It was pretty good that I wanted seconds of this interesting dish. Back then, I was only familiar with two kinds of pasta - tomato and cream based.

One day when I was famished and looking for some snacks, all I could find were spaghetti noodles, garlic, tuna flakes and some spices. Good thing there was a bottle of Olive oil and a new dish was born.

Here's my simple, easy-to-do, absolutely yummy and healthy dish. Hope you enjoy!

April 2, 2012


Seldom will you see that I follow the food craze in the Philippines, and as you can see, it took me a few weeks before I talk about my experience with Manila's newest ice cream craze. But the thought of posting this has lingered my mind since March, when I first tasted it. How can I not forget that night (March 16) when I rushed to Ministop just before I went home. I wanted my usual ice drop just to relax me after a long day, when lo and behold, I saw this interesting wrapper with gold fonts that was shouting at me "taste me!"

Honestly, I have not seen any TV commercial, have not heard any radio plugs nor checked my news feed in Twitter and Facebook. I followed my gut and my pure desire to try this tempting ice cream chocolate-flavored (as frequent readers of this food blog know that I am a sucker for all things sweet and ice cream indulgences). It was a shocker though that this simple bar costs Php55 at Ministop (Php50 at SM Malls), and I said to myself, this should be worth every dime.

Magnum Ice Cream - covered in luscious Belgian chocolate!

After ten minutes of travel to my house, I rushed and opened the Magnum wrapper and was quite pleased that it has not melted the ice cream. One bite and I could taste the thick, smooth Belgian chocolate that covers a rich cream. For me, Belgian chocolate is one of life's simple indulgences - and I was in Belgian chocolate heaven, bite after bite. 

Many of you have tasted, experienced and judged, over the last couple of weeks, since Magnum has hit quite a phenomenal food craze among food lovers and curious palates, I was quite pleased with my new discovery. Little did I know that it has caught the country by storm and it seems everywhere I go, people were looking for Magnum, or buying one. Magnum was even a trending topic at Twitter and even at my work - where at some point in time, a number of my colleagues would ask me if I have tasted this.

There are three flavors available in the Philippines right now, Magnum Classic (Vanilla flavored ice cream), Magnum Chocolate Truffle (chocolate ice cream with a swirl of truffle) and Magnum Almond (creamy vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate and almonds). I have only tasted Magnum Classic twice and I am yet to experience what Magnum Chocolate Truffle and Magnum Almond would taste like. I hope it's as good as Magnum Classic if not better.

Magnum has been available in the U.S. since 1989 and has eight flavors : Double Caramel, Double Chocolate, Classic, Almond, White, Dark with two new flavors Mint and Mochaccino. Magnum in the US is also available in mini sizes for Classic and Almond.

Hope you continue to check out Eat To Your Heart's Content for deliriously delicious dining discoveries. As I always say, Live Well, Laugh Often, Eat To Your Heart's Content!


(as indicated in its wrapper)
Imported and distributed by Unilever RFM Ice Cream, Inc.
Distributed by Unilever Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Country of Origin : Australia

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