May 30, 2016



The last couple of weeks have been extremely hot, almost unbearable. My weather app registers a 99°F as of this writing, which is about 38°C with a body heat index of 42°C according to the national weather station.

When I am at home, I could not help but take a shower for about four to five times a day and drink several liters of ice-cold water. I refrain myself from drinking carbonated drinks and instant iced tea. I opt to prepare healthier beverages for my family.

In my search to whip up some creative blends to beat the heat, I have requested some amazing food bloggers to share their delicious cold drinks in this RECIPE ROUND UP : 50 PLUS TEMPTING THIRST-QUENCHER. 

May 16, 2016



I could hardly recall that I would bring a lunch box during elementary & high school. My folks would hand me my school money, enough to last a day. We have a school cafeteria with a snack bar and only one catering vendor so the food choices were limited.

Back then, I do not mind the few choices since the owner of the caterer vendor was not only pleasant and very accommodating to us but she had some delicious dishes which became my favorites.

One favorite was her creation of Arroz ala Cubana. I look forward to the combination of this simple yet filling dish since it consists of ground meat, sunny side up egg and fried bananas. It was such a comfort food at that time.

Over the years, Arroz ala Cubana was one of the simple dishes I would whip whenever I had these main ingredients. This would usually be when I make my Pinoy Sweet-Style Spaghetti.

Allow me to share with you this PINOY FOOD RECIPE : ARROZ ALA CUBANA with a few tweaks I made over the years. This recipe can be for one when you are hungry or for two for modest munching.

May 9, 2016


When foreign traveler friends plan to visit the Philippines and ask me what Filipino dishes I would recommend, in a heartbeat, I would enumerate some of my favorites – Adobo, Bagnet, Sinigang, Kare-Kare and the celebratory Lechon.

As my mom and I were planning for our Sunday lunch it dawned on me, why haven’t I suggested the rich tomato-based pork dish that my family enjoy during weekend lunch at home? Trying to recall all the restaurants that I have been dining all throughout these years, I asked myself where I had this splendid dish in a restaurant. After several minutes of pondering, I could not remember where and that was probably the reason why I have not mentioned this to my travel friends. To think, this Filipino dish is so colorful and easy to make with vegetables to boot.

So if you are in search for some good ol’ Filipino dish whip up this PINOY FOOD RECIPE : PORK MENUDO. If you’re traveling around the Philippines and end up choosing a place with your own or a common kitchen, you know what to cook! Plus it is so much affordable instead of dining at restaurants.

May 6, 2016


A Collection of Coastal Dining Discoveries

The province of Cavite is a historic place. This is the monumental site for the Declaration of the Philippine Independence, celebrated annually on 12th of June.

When it comes to food, Cavite province has an abundance of seafood and a mélange of coastal cooking. Any true blue food lover of regional cuisines and culinary traveler will be astounded by the wealth of native dishes and Cavite delicacies abound even to this day.

Over the years, while preserving traditional Cavite cuisine, restaurant dining has evolved – Greek restaurants, European inspired dishes, Mediterranean cuisine, farm-to-table dining, by reservation dining, the list just keeps going. Cavite dining has never been so vibrant and worthy of a gastronomic sojourn.

Join me as we go on a virtual food trip, bookmark this collection of deliriously delicious coastal dining discoveries, and enjoy Cavite Delicacies and Restaurants.

May 2, 2016


The northern part of the Philippines is Strawberry Country. Baguio City, the country’s summer capital, has an abundance of strawberry fields producing the juiciest strawberries perfect for pancakes with strawberries, strawberry salad and strawberry shortcake. In fact, Baguio City produces one of the great tasting strawberry jam you can find.

I remember one visit in Baguio City for a promotional tour for a TV reality show I was doing a few moons ago. We were time constrained, doing mall tours as we head to Baguio City and back to Manila. With a limited staff, a bunch of male contestants of the reality show and the numerous activities lined up, my only treat was the thought that I was going to buy tons of fresh strawberries. My heart was pounding in great anticipation as we headed to Strawberry Lovers Lane.