January 18, 2011


Freshly made kesong puti (native cheese) for breakfast is one of the perks whenever I travel to Laguna and Tagaytay City. Paired with pandesal that is still hot from the oven or pugon with kapeng barako will surely perk me up even amidst a chilly air.

Cavite City's Quesillo

My trip to Cavite City introduced me to another version of kesong puti. Caviteños call it Quesillo. This raw cheese made from Carabao’s milk and wrapped in fresh banana leaves has a creamy texture just like the kesong puti I have been accustomed to. 

I was able to buy Quesillo at P. Burgos Street in Cavite City just a block away from the Mercado del Ciudad de Cavite (Cavite City Public Market). To my dismay, I have forgotten how much it costs as I was too eager when buying.

Cavite delicacies Tamales and Bibingkoy
Cavite Delicacies, Tamales and Bibingkoy
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  1. it's between 50 to 75 pesos. Next time, try to taste the BIBINGKA from SAMALA.

  2. thanks for dropping by and for the tip :)

  3. Good day.
    can you supply kesong puti for us..from paliparan cavite..thank you

    1. I’m sorry but I don’t make the Quesillo that I featured here. As stated in the post, I bought some while in Cavite City.