May 6, 2016


A Collection of Coastal Dining Discoveries

The province of Cavite is a historic place. This is the monumental site for the Declaration of the Philippine Independence, celebrated annually on 12th of June.

When it comes to food, Cavite province has an abundance of seafood and a mélange of coastal cooking. Any true blue food lover of regional cuisines and culinary traveler will be astounded by the wealth of native dishes and Cavite delicacies abound even to this day.

Over the years, while preserving traditional Cavite cuisine, restaurant dining has evolved – Greek restaurants, European inspired dishes, Mediterranean cuisine, farm-to-table dining, by reservation dining, the list just keeps going. Cavite dining has never been so vibrant and worthy of a gastronomic sojourn.

Join me as we go on a virtual food trip, bookmark this collection of deliriously delicious coastal dining discoveries, and enjoy Cavite Delicacies and Restaurants.


Cavite’s traditional delicacies like Tamales, Quesillo and Bibingkoy are just some of the reasons why I love visiting this historic province.


A classic Cavite delicacy, Tamales is made with ground peanuts and galapong (rice flour) then mixed with slices of pork, chicken meat, garbanzos and hard-boiled egg wedges and wrapped in banana leaves. Details here.


Akin to what Manileños call Kesong Puti made of Carabao’s milk, transformed into a local cheese and best eaten in the morning when paired with freshly baked local bread known as pandesal and a hot brew. Details here.


This regional Cavite delicacy is why I went to Cavite City and created an article for Cavite coastal cooking. When I heard about Bibingkoy, I just had to taste for myself. Sure glad I made the early morning trip to Aling Ika’s Carinderia and savor this freshly made Cavite delicacy. Details here. 


Local entrepreneurs are gems in any city or province and Cavite is proud to have numerous enterprising individuals showcasing their talents in the culinary department.


The legendary Digman’s Halo-Halo created during the Japanese occupation is a must-try when you are heading to Manila or the Philippines for the first time. Made with layers of sweetened fruits, shaved ice then topped with flan and ube halaya, this iconic Filipino dessert should never be missed. Details here. 


A couple of mountaineers opened this chill-out place and soon enough, a few more opened up. It is no wonder really, after all, they offer affordable and delicious homemade creations, delicious desserts and cool brew. Details here. 


Malen’s, named after the woman behind this husband-and-wife tandem is an inspiring story of perseverance and success backed by downright delicious offerings. Details here. 


If you are looking for traditional dishes handed down from one generation to the next, look no further. Aptly named for heirloom dishes they serve, PAMANA is sure to delight with every bite. Details here. 


The province of Cavite, though well-known particularly during the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day, is still not as celebrated as other provinces when we talk of culinary prominence but this province continue to flourish year after year with the mushrooming of restaurants offering international cuisines.  


No need to break the bank if you want to savor some European dishes on a whim. A short trip to Silang in Cavite and you will find Chateau Hestia offering well-crafted dishes in a country-style setting. Details here. 


Mornings are wonderful when you start your day with a hearty meal with freshly baked breads to boot. Details here. 


Last but definitely not the least is Discovery Country Suites’ Restaurant Verbena. Dining at Restaurant Verbena is heightened with an over-looking view of the panoramic Taal Lake and Volcano while savoring an excellent contemporary country cuisine carte du jour. Details here.  

I hope you get to try some, if not all, of these Cavite Delicacies and Restaurants when you visit the Philippines.

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Roast Beef dish provided by Harie Bunda of Malen’s Restaurant
Some Photos by Ronald Concepcion
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  1. I really enjoy reading your awesome blog. It captures my attention because of the vibrant and worthy traditional delicacies that Cavite have. It made me realize that Cavite is a place were your heart and stomach connects.
    -Rose Ann