May 2, 2016


The northern part of the Philippines is Strawberry Country. Baguio City, the country’s summer capital, has an abundance of strawberry fields producing the juiciest strawberries perfect for pancakes with strawberries, strawberry salad and strawberry shortcake. In fact, Baguio City produces one of the great tasting strawberry jam you can find.

I remember one visit in Baguio City for a promotional tour for a TV reality show I was doing a few moons ago. We were time constrained, doing mall tours as we head to Baguio City and back to Manila. With a limited staff, a bunch of male contestants of the reality show and the numerous activities lined up, my only treat was the thought that I was going to buy tons of fresh strawberries. My heart was pounding in great anticipation as we headed to Strawberry Lovers Lane.

On the last day of our trip, we have about an hour to buy some pasalubong (take home treats) from Baguio City market. I could still vividly recall how ecstatic I was (I’m pretty sure fellow food lovers find food markets a haven too!). You see, apart from the abundance of fresh strawberries, Baguio has some yummy treats such as my favorite biscuit called Lengua, chocolate crispies and peanut pralines plus the freshest of produce - broccoli and lettuce, which can be both costly in Manila but were both extremely cheap – like 300% cheaper in Baguio City! So I bought several kilos of all three fresh produce from various sellers.

For strawberries, I ended up buying five kilos and devoured about a kilo on the road (traveling back to Manila was about 6 hours at that time). I wanted to buy more but I don’t have any idea on how else to enjoy strawberries aside from eating them raw. Had I known I could enjoy several ways, I would have bought a sack of strawberries.

So if you’re constantly in search of ways to enjoy strawberries, you are in the right place. From one strawberry lover to the next, I am sharing with you all these delicious strawberry recipes here at Eat To Your Heart’s Content Recipe Round Up : STRAWBERRY LOVERS LANE.

I love desserts and I am sure a lot of food lovers love desserts as well. So let us start with three delicious strawberry desserts created by three wonderful food bloggers friends from three continents, Diane of Homemade Food Junkie from the United States, Linda of With a Blast from South Africa and Rosemary of An Italian in my Kitchen from Europe.

Homemade Food Junkie

With a Blast

An Italian in my Kitchen

A few years back, yogurt became a hit in the metro. Almost every corner and every mall, a yogurt establishment popped. A cup costs a hundred or two pesos (about $2 to $5 USD +) depending on the size and additional toppings. If you prefer to create your own yogurt concoction, these three strawberry-flavored yogurt from three foodie friend bloggers - Linda of Food Huntress, April creator of Girl Gone Gourmet and Brian from Krumpli can be enjoyed at the comforts of your homes. 

Food Huntress

Girl Gone Gourmet


Snack time is BIG in the Philippines. Known as Merienda snacking is observed by many. While on the road, locals will dig on street foods such as Banana Cue, Camote Cue and Turon – these are bananas and sweet potatoes enveloped by brown sugar and deep-fried.

At home, moms whip up various snacks for their kids who would expect to a treat from 3pm to 4pm. Need to be creative? These delicious strawberry recipes will definitely keep your family happy, until the next grumble in their tummies. These three foodie friends created tasty strawberry munchies such as muffins by Tina Marie of Gluten Free Foodsmith, shortcake by Renee of Joy in Every Season, and blondies created by Megan from Strawberry Blondie Kitchen.

Gluten Free Foodsmith

Joy in Every Season

Strawberry Blondie Kitchen

If you prefer to eat healthier or love devouring a hefty bowl of salad, check out these two strawberry salad creations. Mackenzie’s wonderful salad creation at Food Above Gold has all the ingredients that I go crazy – strawberries, almonds and goat cheese. I’m throwing in my own strawberry salad recipe too which I usually pair with steamed fish.

Food Above Gold

Eat To Your Heart’s Content

After all these gobbling like Pac-Man you need some refreshing drinks (80s kids would know that I am talking about the hit video game and not the people’s champ). Don’t worry, I got you!

Four delightful strawberry drinks you can gulp, one glass to the next and splendidly concocted by these four fabulous food bloggers. Check out Emilie’s strawberry iced tea at Baby Loving Mama, Cat combined pineapples and strawberries at Mom By The Beach, while Amanda of Striped Spatula added basil to her strawberry soda and Sandra from A Dash of Sanity offers a non-alcoholic mint spritzer with strawberries.

Baby Loving Mama

Mom By The Beach

Striped Spatula

A Dash of Sanity


I hope you enjoyed all these deliriously delicious recipes from some of my foodie friends and favorite food bloggers. If you haven’t been to their glorious food sites (which is next to impossible if you are a hard core foodie as you are missing on tons of delicious recipes) I suggest you visit each one. I just hope that you are munching on some strawberries at hand, as this will surely heighten your strawberry desire during this Strawberry Month


This RECIPE ROUND UP : STRAWBERRY LOVERS LANE has been possible with the generosity of Diane of Homemade Food Junkie, Linda from With a Blast, Rosemary of An Italian in my Kitchen, Linda from Food Huntress, April’s Girl Gone Gourmet, Brian of Krumpli, Tina Marie of Gluten Free Foodsmith, Renee from Joy in Every Season, Megan by Strawberry Blondie Kitchen, Mackenzie at Food Above Gold, Emilie of Baby Loving Mama, Cat from Mom By The Beach, Amanda of Striped Spatula and Sandra from A Dash of Sanity.

Know more about the wonderful benefits of eating strawberries and more ways to enjoy them via Strawberry Oh Merry here.

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  1. Awesome collection ! Thanks for including my recipe :-)

    1. It would not be possible without all you amazing food bloggers. Thanks to your generosity , Linda. :)

  2. I'm the same way - food markets are my heaven! I usually come home with WAY more deliciousness than I can use in a single sitting and am stuck trying to find new ideas! This is a great roundup, Pie! Thanks for including my Strawberry, Almond, & Goat Cheese Salad! :)

    1. Oh Mackenzie, I am so glad to find another passionate food blogger in you - yes I go gaga over food markets. It's my pleasure to include your delicious salad, good thing I read it before publishing this round up :)

  3. A lovely round up! I'm going to enjoy every one of these lovely contributions. Thanks you so much for Featuring our Strawberry Ice Cream Cake. I LOVE your life Motto. "live well, laugh often and eat to your heart’s content!" Have a joyful day!

    1. I really had so much fun doing this Strawberry round up, Diane. You know how I love your Strawberry Ice Cream since I first saw it back in July last year - thank you so much for sharing... Oh yes, for me, there's no better way to go through life than to "live well, laugh often and eat to your heart's content" :)