August 7, 2015


A Healthy Filipino Street Food Version
Camote Cue, a popular street food
Do you enjoy eating street foods? Most travelers when heading out to Southeast Asian regions flock to wet markets, night markets or weekend markets to enjoy what most locals eat on a daily basis when stuck in the concrete jungle. Perhaps they are so engrossed seeing Anthony Bourdain munch on exotic dishes or the need to stretch their travel budget while traveling for months.

For those like me who avoid eating street foods for being excessively oily and loaded with every possible dirt you can imagine that surrounds the streets and drops into the food being cooked or displayed, I prefer cooking those “street foods” at home with the attempt of making them healthier for my family.

Here’s a quick and easy recipe, a favorite snack found on the streets of Manila. My take is a healthier and more delicious version of Camote Cue (Camote Fritters), a popular Pinoy street food.