January 3, 2011


Whenever the province of Cavite is the subject of discussion, I can only think of two things. One, a historic site for the Declaration of our Independence and the other, that the food is all about seafood – particularly oysters (talaba). 

Tamales a famous Cavite Delicacy
Tamales, a delicious Cavite Delicacy
When I was younger, my dad would often go back and forth to Cavite for his business ventures and would take home sacks of fresh oysters for my uncle, who was a die-hard fan of the kinilaw na talaba (oysters marinated in vinegar, pepper and chillies).

Glorious Sunset at Manila Bay Philippines
Manila Bay Sunset
Over the years, despite a number of visits to family friends and my paternal grandmother’s hometown in Kawit and my maternal grandfather in Bacoor, I never really quite embraced Cavite as my own. I am a Manileña through and through, having lived the first three years of my life in Pasay City then transferred to Parañaque since the early 80s. It was only in college, upon meeting a Caviteña, further heightened by my writings for food and travel that I have regained my interest in this quaint province.

Cavite Cuisine may not be as simple as you think. Dating back to pre-Spanish era, Cavite’s coastal areas have witnessed to negotiations of our natives with Chinese communities. Numerous galleons during the Spanish period brought with them culinary traditions that we have embraced. Tamales is one.

Cavite City's Famous Tamales
Known to be a favorite pasalubong, Cavite City’s Tamales has become one of the classic delicacies the province has produced. Seldom produced in the metropolis, Tamales is simple at first sight but a definite tedious concoction. Traditional cooking of tamales would require grounding of peanuts and the use of rice flour known as galapong. To this mixture, slices of pork and chicken are added, together with pieces of garbanzos and hard-boiled eggs. Salt and pepper are sprinkled to complete the flavor. This is then wrapped in multiple layers of clean banana leaves and steamed until cooked to perfection. 

Cavite Delicacy Tamales
Cavite City's Tamales
Robinson’s Special Tamales is located at P. Burgos Street in Cavite City and produces two sizes, Php75 for a small size and Php150 for the big size. During my visit to Robinson’s Special Tamales, the only available size was the small. Don’t be fooled as the full flavor of their Tamales would make you reserve more than half to consume the next day.

Two well-loved Cavite Delicacies, Bibingkoy and Quesillo
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    1. masarap sya pero mas trip ko Bibingkoy :) ... a top food&travel site bumisita sa munting blog ko! ... maraming salamat Pinoy Adventurista :)

  2. Can I store it in the freezer? How long will it keep in the ref and freezer? Thanks

    1. I haven't tried freezing Tamales but like many other dishes, I'm sure you can extend the shelf life by freezing it. The makers of Tamales from where you bought them would know their shelf life. Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. saan pa po ba makakabili ng tamales sa cavite city?

    1. Hi there, details in the post. Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. "Robinson’s Special Tamales is located at P. Burgos Street in Cavite City..." masyado pong mahaba ang P. Burgos Street....anong pangalan po ng Store?...kay Samala po ba?

    1. It’s not Samala’s who’s famous for their rice cakes. As stated, it’s ROBINSON’s Special Tamales. Please take note the post was published in January 2011 and I haven’t been there since my visit for the post. Thanks for stopping by.