January 7, 2011


Davaoeños have a knack for reinventing the King of the Fruits – Durian. Anything imaginable, from durian candies, bars, tarts, cakes, ice cream, and yes – beverages. I visited Coco South Bistro last September and was delighted to see Durian smoothie in the menu, which they teasingly called Sensuous Durian. At an affordable Php85 a glass, the Durian smoothie was not only refreshing it was interestingly good. 

Coco South Bistro's Sensous Durian
In my hunt for anything-Durian, I headed to Blugré Coffee at the Matina Town Square (MTS). For more than a decade, Blugré has established a following for its Durian coffee. When I came first to Davao City in 2006, I was not prepared with this new idea added in my coffee, but I was ready to taste this concoction in my recent visit. The blend of coffee and Durian’s aroma was complimentary, neither overpowering the other. Inventive during their conception, local and foreign tourists will surely get a kick with this creative creation.    

Blugré’s coffee-durian concoction

This was the first time I consumed two glasses of Durian-flavored drinks. And these two instances won’t be the last.

Coco South Bistro is located at Victoria Plaza Compound, Bajada, Davao City
Tel : 082-226-2626
Check out Blugré’s website at www.blugre.com

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