When it comes to my budding writing career, I have been very fortunate in 2010. I was constantly on my toes in looking for topics to be discussed, places to be explored and tastes to be savored.

Apart from occasional travel writing stint which started in 2009 as well as seasonal food writing that began in 2007, the first quarter of 2010 brought me to a wonderful task - to be the food columnist of a new section for Republic of 7107 Island Travel Magazine fondly called Island Food & Cuisine.

Below, are the various magnificent covers of this local travel magazine, the only one that promotes the beauty of our 7107 breath-taking islands.

For subscriptions to the magazine, you may email them at You can also check their website at

Issue 3 Volume 1

Issue 4 Volume 1

Issue 5 Volume 1

Issue 6 Volume 1

Issue 7 Volume 1

Issue 1 Volume 2

Issue 2 Volume 2

Issue 3 Volume 2

Issue 4 Volume 2

Issue 5 Volume 2

Issue 6 Volume 2

Issue 7 Volume 2

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