June 13, 2016



This is a treat to the first man in our lives. The pillar of strength and the head of the family. The constant voice in our heads to do well, to be excellent in our every endeavour. The one and only man we compare to every boy or man that comes our way. This is a tribute to all fathers in a daughter’s life.

To show you how much we care, we prepare an all-day feast from sun up to sun down. Father’s Day Boozy Treats : Dishes, Desserts, Drinks - while on the booze, perhaps you will somehow forget all those moments your blood boil because of us, your daughters. Those moments when you disapproved of our life’s choices. Those moments when you wanted something else for us but we wanted another. The petty arguments and what not... Because today, is your special day. No matter what, you will always be our first love. Happy Father’s Day!

June 6, 2016


The heat has been excruciating from the months of March to May. To utter the words sweating like a pig is an understatement (though I wonder, do pigs sweat?). For me, I am frantic at the thought of the coming rainy months.

You see in this part of the globe, the months from June to November have been tagged as the rainy season. It can be difficult to travel with a slippery road, the thought of strong typhoons that can cause floods is unnerving particularly after the detrimental typhoon - Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) and the never-ending relief operations for typhoon stricken areas.

Looking on the brighter side of life, for a food lover, the rainy season only means that we can start preparing our favorite soup dishes and eat to our heart’s content.

This Pinoy Food Recipe is my family’s go-to soup dish. It can be a side dish for your dry meal or as a snack. Some locals even enjoy Chicken Sopas in the morning. Personally, what I love about this PINOY FOOD RECIPE : CHICKEN SOPAS is the addition of some vegetables. So let’s start to whip up this healthy and hearty soup dish.

June 1, 2016



The month of June is a historic time for the country once known as the Pearl of the Orient. June 12th marks the celebration of the Declaration of the Philippine Independence.

In recent years, the Philippine culinary industry has been joining the celebration with the commemoration of dishes served during the signing of the Declaration of Philippine Independence. Some establishments even introduced Dr. Jose Rizal’s favorite dishes to the younger generation. Dr. Jose Rizal is the country’s National Hero who pioneered the Philippine Revolution during the 400+ years of Spanish rule.

Here at Eat To Your Heart’s Content we are highlighting Filipino cuisine for the month of June. You might not be familiar with Pinoy food if you have not been to the Philippines. You may not have tasted Filipino food if you don’t know any Filipinos at all - which is unlikely to happen since so many Filipinos either migrated to another country or opted to work abroad). You might not have heard about Filipino dishes if you don’t watch Anthony Bourdain (who visited the country twice) and from Andrew Zimmern who predicted that Filipino food is the next best thing – more on that here. You may have not encountered some iconic Filipino dishes but there are many worthy to be tasted with gusto.

So why don’t you relax, have a cup of your favorite brew and scroll down for some delicious versions of MUST-TRY FILIPINO RECIPES you can create for your family. Who knows, Filipino food might just be something you can rave about too. Here is a collection of Pinoy recipes from fellow Pinoy food bloggers and versions of Pinoy dishes from some food bloggers worldwide.