January 19, 2020


For the past few weeks, the temperature in this side of the globe has been extremely rising. My weather app has registered a whopping 96°F to 98°F. I have been gulping ice water – I keep my water bottle frozen over night which I bring to work and I am not even half way through the day, the frozen water is just ... water and not so cold anymore. That is how hot each day has been.

To beat the heat, I enjoy a variety of ways from a simple chocolate fudge sundae, smoothie, freshly made gelato, frozen yogurt, ice cream cake and the iconic Pinoy layered dessert Halo-Halo.

If you’re searching for summer indulgences to beat the heat around the Philippines, look no further. Stay glued, it’s Chill Time here at Eat To Your Heart’s Content.

Let’s start with something healthy. Healthy Italian Yogurt from The White Hat and Swirls Frozen Kefir. Two healthier alternatives if you watch your intake, always. More details here and here.

Need some flavored drinks? How about this inviting Grape Smoothie from Buona Vita. If you’re feeling more adventurous, then go for some Durian drinks. More details here and here.

In the recent years, more and more gelato stores have popped up in the metro and key cities around the archipelago. 

Three of my favorites are in various locations. Gelatone is in close proximity to my area, Chateau Hestia is an hour or two away and Cagayan de Oro’s Missy Bon Bon is a plane ride away. More details Gelatone here, Chateau Hestia here and Missy Bon Bon here.

For some quick fix, I never pass up on a sundae! I have to be honest though, I prefer the cone and wafer over the sundae. More details here.

Who does not LOVE ice cream? I scream for ice cream! It is life’s simple joys although the sugar intake is not helping for anyone struggling to lose weight.

Magnum made waves when it was introduced in the metro. Everyone was going gaga over this new ice cream coated in Belgian Chocolate. More details here.

Having ice cream at Australia’s Cold Rock Ice Creamery is fun. You watch while your chosen flavors are mixed in a chopping motion. More details here.

Sebastian’s Cold Comfort is one of the pioneers who braved the artisanal ice cream industry. More details here.

What could be more satisfying than ice cream? When two of your favorite sweet treats combined into an ice cream-cake. Bake and Churn has been a constant go-to dessert place whenever I needed these two desserts in one go. More details here.

Now this is the best thing ever promoted by Haagen Dazs Ice Cream. They offered buffet ice cream plus unlimited waffles. Imagine all-you-can-eat ice cream, need I say more? More details here.

Dear readers of this Philippine food blog and my Instagram account (@eattoyourheartscontent) know that I constantly promote Pinoy food. So to anyone who still has not tasted the iconic layered Filipino dessert, you must try Halo-Halo. 

When in the Philippines, Digman’s Halo-Halo and Aling Taleng’s Halo-Halo are two of the best tasting halo-halo creations you need to savor. Details here and here.

To heighten your summer indulgence, enjoy the abundance of strawberries and mangoes to your heart’s content. Here are numerous ways to taste Strawberry Oh Merry here and Go Crazy Over Philippine Mangoes here.

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CHILL TIME, Beat The Heat Around The Philippines is part of my Friday Foodtrip here at Eat To Your Heart’s Content.

I hope you continue to join me as I search for more deliriously delicious dining destinations, food discoveries and easy to create recipes here at Eat To Your Heart’s Content. Until next post, as I always say, live well, laugh often and eat to your heart’s content!

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