August 7, 2015


A Healthy Filipino Street Food Version
Camote Cue, a popular street food
Do you enjoy eating street foods? Most travelers when heading out to Southeast Asian regions flock to wet markets, night markets or weekend markets to enjoy what most locals eat on a daily basis when stuck in the concrete jungle. Perhaps they are so engrossed seeing Anthony Bourdain munch on exotic dishes or the need to stretch their travel budget while traveling for months.

For those like me who avoid eating street foods for being excessively oily and loaded with every possible dirt you can imagine that surrounds the streets and drops into the food being cooked or displayed, I prefer cooking those “street foods” at home with the attempt of making them healthier for my family.

Here’s a quick and easy recipe, a favorite snack found on the streets of Manila. My take is a healthier and more delicious version of Camote Cue (Camote Fritters), a popular Pinoy street food.

Ingredients :

3 Medium Camote or Sweet Potato (with pink skin)

3 tbsp. + 1 tsp. Muscovado Sugar

1/8 tsp. Ground Cinnamon

Olive Oil for frying

Sliced sweet potatoes with sugar and cinnamon
Procedure :

1)    Cut Camote in sphere, like a ½ inch thick coin.

2)    Mix muscovado sugar & ground cinnamon then sprinkle to sliced Camote. Let is set for 20-30 minutes to allow the sugar to melt.

3)    Once you see the sugar is melting, heat pan and oil. Since this is a healthy version, I am using Olive oil. You can opt for coconut oil too. Add 1 tsp. Muscovado sugar to oil and stir a bit. Then drop slices of Camote coated in sugar.

4)    Using a tong, stir Camote and gather the melted sugar at the buttom of pan while frying. This way, you will coat Camote with caramelized sugar. This usually takes about 3 to 5 minutes of frying in high heat.

Camote Cue, a healthier version of the popular Pinoy street food
 5)    Serve your homemade Camote Cue while hot.

Camote Cue
Cooking Tips :

Sweet Potatoes
I am using pink Camote or Sweet Potatoes usually found in wet markets and supermarkets. The purple ones, I use for boiling.

The traditional sugar used is brown sugar. This recipe is a healthier version, hence the use of muscovado and cinnamon.

Serving Tips :

Camote Cue are usually eaten with a stick. If you want that authentic feel of street foods, cut Camote at 1 inch thick. After frying, while still hot, place in BBQ sticks. Lay over banana leaves.
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