April 5, 2012


When I conceptualized this humble food blog of mine, back in 2010 (but was officially launched in January 2011), I had ten SECTIONS in mind. My constant deliriously delicious dining discoveries focuses on only a few sections - Bon Appetit, 7107 Flavors, Burp - for eat-all-you-can dining spree, Nothing But Chocolate and Desserts Unlimited. One section that I have not yet tackled or got the chance to post a single article is the section Kitchen Goddess.

Kitchen Goddess is all about kitchen tips and easy-to-do recipes. My first Kitchen Goddess post is just that - an easy to do recipe which my family has enjoyed over the years. My own version of Tuna Basil Pasta.

I first encountered the idea of tuna pasta when I had a meeting with my previous TV producer for the cooking show we were doing back in 2003. Her recipe was quite different though, using black pitted olives, capers, chili flakes and tuna flakes. It was pretty good that I wanted seconds of this interesting dish. Back then, I was only familiar with two kinds of pasta - tomato and cream based.

One day when I was famished and looking for some snacks, all I could find were spaghetti noodles, garlic, tuna flakes and some spices. Good thing there was a bottle of Olive oil and a new dish was born.

Here's my simple, easy-to-do, absolutely yummy and healthy dish. Hope you enjoy!

Just a word of caution, measurements are according to my taste and desire - most often than not, I go by instinct on how much each ingredient I want to put.

5 cloves Garlic
Tuna Flakes in Vegetable Oil (I use Century Tuna, 180grams)
A dash or two of whole dried Basil (I use McCormick)
2 or 3 TBSP. Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to Taste
1/3 of Spaghetti Pasta 1 kg.

After cooking the spaghetti noodles according to the package's instructions (each brand advises a particular cooking method to have an al dente pasta), drizzle a few olive oil and a dash of dried basil. Then set this aside. You can also opt for Angel's Hair pasta which I sometimes use for this recipe.

In a hot pan (not piping hot though), pour two to three tablespoons of Olive oil and saute the slices of garlic (garlic slices resembles garlic flakes but not golden in color). Saute for a few seconds, just before turning brown.

Add the drained Tuna flakes and saute for a few minutes while adding iodized salt and ground black pepper according to taste. I love black pepper, so I use a generous amount. You may opt for white pepper, if desired.

Add a dash or two of dried Basil leaves.

If you prefer something chili hot, feel free to add some chili flakes or cayenne pepper as you saute the tuna flakes and garlic slices.

Saute for a few more seconds then add the cooked pasta. Make sure to coat every strand of the Tuna-Basil mixture. Serve while hot.

For individual serving suggestions, use a colorful plate to highlight the dish and serve with store-bought foccacia bread dipped in balsamic vinegar.

Garnish with fresh parsley if desired. Add grated cheese or parmesan cheese to your liking.

You can still have a deliriously delicious dish during this Lenten Season.

Bon appetit!

This recipe would cost less than Php100 with main buys - garlic, pasta and tuna. If you ran out of Basil leaves, a bottle would be about Php50-60, a bottle of Olive Oil is Php115-130 depending on the brand. Naturally, both bottles when bought can be used for other dishes.  

Do you have your own Tuna dish you often cook during the Lenten Season? Feel free to share.

Note : This writer and article does not endorse any brands mentioned above.


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