May 14, 2012


More than one month have passed and I have not published a single entry here. What have I been doing lately? Aside from doing a weekly TV show, an event that consumed most of my waking hours, trying to catch up on my articles for various magazines, I have been eating - and eating have I been doing.

Assorted Bonchon Chicken

For my first post at Monday Madness for the month of May, this restaurant needs no further introduction - Chicken Bonchon Philippines.

What's the fuss all about? New York Times, GQ and Esquire magazines hail Chicken Bonchon as the best chicken in America.

Originating from South Korean, this fried chicken franchise has invaded USA, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

There are seven (7) Boxed Meals to choose from - whether you crave for chicken wings, chops, legs or thigh, fish fillet, bulgogi with rice or in a wrap, and even chicken sandwich. These rice meals range from Php95 to Php145 per meal, which comes with one serving of white plain rice and a glass of drink. 

Bonchon's duo of Fish Fillet and French Fries

Oh! Chicken Bonchon also offers Fish and Chips which you can savor sans the rice.   

Bonchon Chicken - the spicy chicken has a decorative toothpick

Since Chicken Bonchon is Korean-based, don't be surprised to see Chapchae, Bulgogi or Kimchi in their menu. But their selling point is all about Chicken - that extra crisp chicken skin with tender juicy chicken meat in the insides. You can make your own call if you prefer Soy Garlic or have the Spice Glaze version. Either way, Chicken Bonchon makes a good alternative to all fried chicken lovers in the Philippines.


Bonchon's addicting Iced Tea in two sizes

Bonchon's Iced Tea is also a hit for me. It has that little kick with every sip you make. I just hope Chicken Bonchon Philippines would serve bottomless iced tea, they would surely hit the high notes for that.

Start your day or end it with your favorite Chicken Bonchon meal - and you're sure to have a fabulous week without the madness.


Chicken Bonchon Philippines
can be found all over Metro Manila
(from Quezon City to Alabang)

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