May 28, 2012


The month of May would always be referred to as the Mother's Day Month. Though I may be featuring this dining destination at the end of May, I wanted to save the best for last - after all, you need not celebrate Mother's Day only during May, we may all show our love and affection for our dear Mothers all-day, everyday.

My Mother's Garden (or what it was formerly called) has been a serendipitous encounter for me. I came to this house cum dining by reservations for the food and little did I know that the house is a national landmark. 

Located at 2650 Zamora Street, this is the home of the late great and highly revered Filipino architect Pablo S. Antonio. As if recognition in this house is not enough, the home turned into My Mother's Garden is managed by his daughter, acclaimed fashion designer Malu Antonio-Veloso.

Hailed as the country's National Artist in Architecture, Pablo S. Antonio built an impressive home for his family and I am truly honored to have stepped into this national treasure. You see, I have always been fascinated with architecture of the olden days and to have toured and dined at a historic abode is more than awesome, further heightened by the fact that this was the home of one of the country's National Artist in Architecture nonetheless.

Two-tiered pastries offered at My Mother's Garden

Talents are over-flowing in this family to this day, as it turns out, Miss Malu Antonio-Veloso is not only a talented fashion maven, she is also a spectacular cook as well as her son who helped her organized the menu before migrating to Australia a few years back. My friends Michelle and Mike were offered a platter of salad, fresh and hand-picked from her sprawling garden, enjoyed a huge Stuffed Chicken Roast with Chorizo and salivated over her Pesto Pasta as soon as it was served. But the highlight of this dining experience for me were the desserts. Assorted pastries were served in two layers. Pastries were decorated in variety and it was truly tempting to try each, topped with cream and fresh fruits, others were topped with frosting while some were filled with nuts.

A beautiful and colorful cake served at My Mother's Garden

But for me, the most unforgettable of all would be their sponge cake. The all-white frosting as canvass awakened by various shades. The two-layered sponge cake lathered with white icing was topped with fresh fruits of sweet diced mangoes and plump strawberry halves plus a dose of fresh mint, orange rind, chocolate bits and nuts. The white platter was also surrounded by the same ingredients, so you get double the enjoyment. The sponge cake was extremely soft and airy to a perfect bite (or bites I should say) while the icing was blended well to a light froth. Overall, it was definitely a sweet ending to a lovely meal.    

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2650 Zamora Street
Pasay City
Mobile # 0917-6008886

*Please contact My Mother's Garden first before going to this place. It's not difficult to find, but it has been many months since I was last here. I was here in the first quarter of 2010 and again in June 2011. Formerly called MY MOTHER'S GARDEN but as of this writing, Ms. Malu Antonio-Veloso is still searching for a suitable name. It turns out, she was informed that a restaurant in Baguio City is also called the same name.

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