May 27, 2012


The month of May have passed and though occasional rains are experienced throughout the country, the air is still dry and the day - well, as if you're hot from the oven.

Over the years McDonald's has been serving my favorite sundae - Hot Fudge, further intensified with their Double Hot Fudge which was offered last year.

Though for months, McDonald's crew all over the metro DO NOT serve Double Hot Fudge the way it was initially offered last year, I still get a high and ample dose of creaminess bundled with hot fudge in a single cup. But please, Double Hot Fudge has to be served the way it was offered last year : READ -TALL AND DOUBLE THE FUDGE - no scrimping please - attention McDonald's! (unless of course, this is due to the Php7 new offer if you want to add hot fudge or caramel, what a shame really) This is hard-earned dinero we are spending, so give us a break to truly have sweet indulgences.

Speaking of sweet indulgences, last month, I have seen McDonald's Summer Indulgences with NEW CHUNKY CHOCOLATE SUNDAE made with Cadbury and tried it for myself out of curiosity. Honestly, I thought that the chocolate fudge would have bits of chunkiness hence the name.

Apparently, at Php32 for the regular size, what you will get is the usual vanilla sundae with the regular dose of hot fudge and SIX PIECES Cadbury mini-balls (yes you've got that right, I counted, see for yourself). Doing the math, from its original Php25, each Cadbury would cost you Php1.16 (infinity) or round it off to Php1.17 a piece.

Was I disappointed? You bet! Good thing this particular McDonald's crew at the time of my order was able to provide a bit more hot fudge this time but if not, it should not be called Summer Indulgences. Unfortunately for me, I prefer their kind of sundae over the local competition. McDonald's sundae is creamier and has a whiter in hue.

As for me, I would have to stick to my usual sundae favorites, Hot Fudge or Double Hot Fudge and lately, the McFries Combo where at Php50 I get to enjoy cold Coke topped with sundae and swirled with chocolate fudge plus medium fries. It's quite a treat actually.

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