June 4, 2012


3-Kilometer stretch of Boracay Island (from a recent trip)

When I first stepped into the pristine powdery sand of the Philippine's foremost vacation destination six years ago in 2006, adventure sports nor other parts of Boracay Island was not given much attention unlike today.

Apart from the obvious reason - the exemplary beauty of the sandy white beach with about three kilometers stretching from what is known as Station 1, 2 and 3, there was one thing that visitors have been accustomed to - it was imperative to taste Boracay at its purest form.

Boracay's Chori Burger

I am not talking of the famous dining destinations that were given birth in Boracay and eventually stepped into the streets of Manila's high-end dining scene. I'm talking about simple, no pretentious eating while enjoying your beautiful paradise. In  2006 Six years ago, during my first day in Boracay, a colleague told me that it was a must to try Boracay's Chori Burger.

Forget about fancy dining, no layers of beef patties smothered with your choice of dressing and side dishes to perk your appetite. Boracay's Chori Burger is your humble burger made with chorizo or longganisa - these are ground pork, seasoned with mostly minced garlic, salt and pepper and placed in an animal's skin intestines (think native longganisa). Sliced, resembling a patty, this is grilled until tender and served on an ordinary burger patty. So you ask, why does it seem to be a carnal rule to taste this simple burger sandwich?

One of the many Chori Burger stands along Station 1 &2
Honestly, the simpler the food, the better. I am actually salivating as I am writing this post and thinking of my recent encounter with one of life's simple pleasures - I was fortunate to return to Boracay just last March this year 2012, this time not for work but on a vacation with my best friend. Being her first time, I passed on the rule and I felt she was quite hesitant but curious. You can actually buy Chori Burger at a food stand, not much of a decent food cart I should say - we Manila folks may even consider as "dirty street foods."
Boracay Island's Chori Burger

One pretty unforgettable flavor is their sauce - sweet, a bit spicy but not salty and hopefully NOT disease-infested. Thank heavens that people do not dip into the sauce jar. Food was prepared quite properly, though the food stand was outdoors. There was even a paper plate to boot as we ate our Chori Burger while heading towards Station 2 of Boracay Islands.

Must Try Eats in Boracay Island
Chori Burger, Boracay Island's must-try burger!
There are a number of reasons to go back to Boracay and one reason is to bite in the unpretentious goodness of Boracay's Chori Burger. (I just hope Boracay Island would be as lovely as ever since it was only in recent times that people realized the need to rehabilitate this priced tourist destination.)

Cafe Del Sol in Boracay Island
Enjoy delicious desserts while in Boracay Island

While you’re enjoying Boracay’s spectacular sunset, why not pair it with some delicious desserts. Check here.

Bonus! Updating this post with some photos from my various trips to this vibrant island for the past couple of years. Once I stepped onto that powdery white sand back in 2006, my itchy feet could not bear the thought of not coming back, again ... and again ... and again. So I hope you will enjoy these additional photos from the island that never sleeps!

Boracay Island is famous for its beautiful sunsets!

A glorious sunset in Boracay Island

Boracay Island's stunning sunset with a silhouette of the famous Willy's Rock

Another breathtaking sunset in Boracay Island with the tip of the famous Willy's Rock

The golden sunset in Boracay Island is a photographer's paradise

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Mostly found at the Station 1
Beachfront area
Boracay Island, Aklan

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  1. Definitely doing this kind of cooking. Filipino foods are quite delicious indeed!

  2. Filipino cuisine is understated but definitely delicious! Thanks for dropping by, appreciate it :)

  3. Hi Ms Pie! I have been to Bora just last week (my first time, yes!) but I was not able to eat the choriburger. Though I had my fair share of their chorizo/longganisa for my breakfast during our stay. I'm actually wondering why chorizo is so famous in bora...I mean how did it become one of their delicacies? Is the hog-raising industry so successful that they produce lots of chorizos? Haha. Just wondering. :)

    1. hello Northeast Kooky, thanks for dropping by, there's actually nothing fancy about Boracay's choriburger - good ol' pinoy sausage with sweet spicy sauce in a bun - perhaps it's different from the usual pinoy sausage and rice we enjoy during breakfast :)