June 7, 2012


It has been a running joke when I was growing up that my love for fried chicken was eternal. Whenever people would ask me what our viand was, I was told that my constant answer was fried chicken even if our viand was Adobo, Menudo or Sinigang na Baboy.

A gamut of nothing but Chicken

Well, gone are the days for all things "fried chicken" as I get to enjoy other dishes - Breaded Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Hainanese Chicken, Chicken Lechon and of course, Chicken Inasal.

What am I saying?! They are all chicken for the love of eating! Well folks, my love for Chicken - that's eternal! Even when I witnessed how brutally a live chicken was killed to be eaten by chicken-devouring public - this visual may have hindered me from eating another chicken dish but only for a few days.

A trip to Bacolod City last October, I could not pass up the opportunity to go to their Manokan Country. Our cameraman was so engrossed with his tales of his various visits to this famous food hub that by the time we got to Rizal Street after our shoot, I was literally famished, salivating and highly anticipating to see tons of Chicken Inasal, after all we were headed to Manokan Country.

When we arrived, this rustic place of one-storey concrete building is lined up with dozens of semi-carinderia set-up (no fancy dining here!). It was a little before noontime and inasal addicts are just about to come in. I heard the atmosphere changes at night, where half of the parking lot can be transformed into a large dining area when flocks of diners arrive.

Manokan Country's Chicken Inasal

Jon Jon, our cameraman, recommended Nena's Rose II so since this is my first time to Manokan Country, though not my first in Bacolod City, I obliged. We instantly ordered. I had petso (chicken breast) for only Php60 and plain rice for Php12. Other chicken parts were available ranging from Php12 for bul-o (chicken skin) to petso pak at Php65. After several minutes, our meals came in and I had one of the tastiest chicken inasal I have ever had, afterall, I was dining at Manokan Country no less.

Spiced Vinegar or Sinamak

For dipping sauce, they have a large bottle of vinegar (also called Sinamak) filled with spices, mostly chili peppers, garlic and ginger, to whet your appetite.

Given more time during my work visit in Bacolod City, I would have tried a few more joints at Manokan Country to really test which one can deliver the best chicken inasal.


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Rizal Street, Reclamation Area 
Bacolod City
(Near SM Bacolod)
Open : 8am to 2am

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  1. hi pie! like you, i would like to go back in bacolod just to eat. their isaw is divine! unforgettable!

    ps- your photos are fabulous! *drools*

  2. thanks for dropping by Chyng, appreciate it :) ... absolutely right, Bacolod is a hub for foodies! ... most wonderful food shots were done by a talented friend/photographer Mike who was generous to accompany me whenever he has the time :)

  3. thank u pie for featuring the Nenas Rose II....God bless and take care always....

    1. thanks for dropping by as well, greatly appreciate the time :) Happy New Year to you Lyle! :)