June 16, 2012


When it comes to cuisines other than Filipino, I highly favor Italian and Chinese (in that particular order). I have found myself swinging to various Italian and Chinese restaurants since the beginning of 2012. Ecstatic with the fact that there are now numerous dining spots that are striving to be as authentic as possible. Now comes Taiwanese cuisine invading the dining scene.

Don't you just love to sit in Shi Lin's comfy chairs?

Shi Lin at the Podium is probably one of those decent Taiwanese restaurants this generation enjoys. Shi Lin's atmosphere is simple yet elegant. Screaming with bright red hues but toned down by white walls and railings. Cushioned chairs are also ultra chic and comfortable (having a perfect seat is one of the important things I look for when dining). How else will you enjoy good food if you're not seated comfortably, right? 

Shi Lin's Taro Dumpling at Php110/6pcs.

I also enjoyed the sight of transparent windows where dimsum and noodles are freshly prepared (sorry folks, I don't have a picture of this since I dined at night and did not bring my tripod).
Here's Shi Lin's Open  Kitchen. Got a vacant seat in one of my returns and snap a shot while waiting for my order. 
Taro Dumpling with tender, rippled dough at its crown.
My eating buddy Mitch and I enjoyed Shi Lin's numerous steamed dumplings. But what caught my attention in their menu is their Taro Dumpling (Php110/6pcs.). Taro dumpling is customary in Chinese cuisine and usually categorized as a Chinese pastry. 

Shi Lin's version of Taro Dumpling, 
thin and soft dough oozing with the sweet and nutty flavor of Taro
Shi Lin's version is similar with other steamed dumplings and also served in bamboo baskets. Taro Dumpling at Shi Lin is among their desserts section and is steamed as well. What you get is a thin layer of soft rippled dough filled with boiled and mashed taro. First bite was quite odd since I'm used to the taro dumpling similar to Almondigas but as I ate my second piece, the tender dough blends well with the mildly sweet and nutty flavor of taro. Shi Lin also offers Taro Bun (Php98/2pcs), also from their dessert section which I am eyeing upon my return.

Expect a lot of Asian diners when in Shi Lin. Of the many tables filled, only two tables were Filipinos and that includes our table (during my first visit). It would have been a most memorable Chinese/Taiwanese dimsum-eating spree, if not for the "cold" service of  two of their female waiting staff (and it wasn't the peak day yet). Shi Lin delivers good food and comfortable ambiance but you need amiable staff to deliver good service to stay in the competitive industry.

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3rd level, The Podium
Ortigas, Pasig City
(The Podium is at the back of SM Megamall)
Contact : 0927-256-0972 / 477-4108 

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