January 14, 2013


Are you a fan of the good ol' Hollywood industry? Do you enjoy watching Breakfast at Tiffany's while swaying to the tune of Moon River? Do you dream that your man will deliver romantic lines just like in the movie When Harry Met Sally? Or would you rather laugh your hearts out via Seinfeld?

Marciano's Pizza Pasta Steaks offers all the above and more! Inspired by one of the greatest Italian-American boxers in his time and named 10th Greatest Heavyweight Champion by the founder of Ring Magazine in 1971. Rocky Marciano was an undefeated champion who ruled the heavyweight division from 1952 to 1956. So be warned, dining at Marciano's is no light weight.

Harlem BBQ Chicken, one of the many pizza flavors at Marciano's Restaurant

Marciano's Pizza Pasta Steaks has more to offer. For health buffs, Knock-out Salads can be had with prices ranging from Php228 to Php289. Marciano's Salad is a definite knock-out of mixed greens made more delectable with the addition of provolone cheese, prosciutto, caramelized walnuts and pears. From the Brick Oven you can choose from a wide variety of movie-inspired pizza concoctions such as When Harry Met Sally for only Php389. This one is made with an interesting combination - prosciutto and caramelized apples.

Not a meat and fruit lover? You can opt for Adam Sandler Four Cheese at Php388 which boasts of some of my favorite flavorful cheeses - provolone, mozzarella and gorgonzola. I got to taste one of their new pizza flavors called Harlem BBQ Chicken (Php358) made with strips of chicken, white onion rings, red & green bell pepper and topped with freshly chopped spring onions.

Marciano's Seafood Pasta

Marciano's Seafood Pasta is made with succulent prawns and large cuts of bell peppers. The sauce does not overpower the natural goodness of prawns so the seafood taste lingers in your mouth, but without any hint of lansa (fishy taste).

The open-ceiling at Marciano's Restaurant displayed more iconic Hollywood photos

Marciano's stage is set for heightened dining pleasure with the numerous Hollywood stars and memorabilias around the dining area. You get to enjoy every inch of the restaurant while you wait for your order. Prices are quite affordable too as servings can be shared with your eating buddies.  

Marciano's Restaurant at Greenbelt 3 has an open-ceiling design with a huge mirror

As for me, I shall keep coming back to this Italian-New Yorker dining spree as I have so much more dishes and desserts to enjoy while feasting with the Hollywood icons. Marciano's will definitely be a habit for my Monday Madness foodtrip!     

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2nd Level
Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila


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  1. Great post Pie, The food looks great.. Will try this resto when I find my self in Greenbelt 3.. Thanks..

    1. Thanks for dropping by Tina! Greatly appreciate your time in checking this site :) ... I enjoyed their cozy place and good food, hope you got to check them out too :)

  2. Magnificent of your food post.