September 20, 2013


It's undeniable how I love buffets and I have been accustomed to eating breakfast before my daily grind. So when I found Cafe Velma's Breakfast Buffet, I could not resist.

There are several stations to start your morning eating spree from cereals, breads and hotcakes. Egg station where your choice of eggs will be cooked on-the-spot. Have it anyway you want it from sunny side up to scrambled eggs and choose from tomatoes, onions, ham and grated cheese to go with it. Health buffs need not fret as a Salad station with choices of tomatoes, onions, corn kernel, black olives on a bed of fresh ice berg lettuce are yours for the taking.

Congee station is also available with fried garlic, fried onions and chicken strips can be added to your bowl of piping congee.

Main course, a choice of Fu Chow Rice or white rice can go with flavorful Breakfast Sausages, Pork Adobo, Chicken Nuggets, Paksiw na Bangus or opt for a Chinese-style noodle dish with quail eggs, shiitake mushrooms and vegetables.
Fruit lovers will enjoy three kinds of fruits in season - slices of watemelon, papaya and pomelo. I personally enjoyed three segments of the pink pomelo that is abundant in Davao Region.

A definite surprise was the beverage area. Not your usual take as Cafe Velma offered Malunggay-Calamansi Juice and Mangosteen Juice. My beau disliked these juices as for him, it tasted like medicine. But for me, it was pretty good - different at first but as I got used to the taste, drinking more than two glasses, I was beaming with joy knowing that I was gulping absolute healthy liquids. 

If you’re not staying at the hotel, breakfast buffet costs Php350 per head. But since we were billeted at Big 8 Corporate Hotel, the buffet breakfast for two has been included. So if you eat like a king in the morning, you will surely enjoy Café Velma’s Breakfast Buffet with Executive Chef Sider Tadtad at the helm in the kitchen

Big 8 Corporate Hotel
National Highway corner Macario P. Bermudez St.
Visayan Village, Tagum City

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