March 29, 2015


The Ultimate Cheese Sandwich, inspired by the movie "Chef"

Do you love watching movies?

I LOVE MOVIES! For 1 and a half to three hours, I somehow forget life’s stress-causing people and situations. I extremely enjoy food-themed movies like Julie & Julia, Ratatouille, Chocolat, Eat Pray Love and most recently, Chef.
Before entering the movie house, I loaded my eco bag with food – a biggie size meal of burger & fries from one of my favorite fast-food chains, large cup of mango cheesecake ice cream and some cheese-flavored chips just in case I still want more. Just by the movie’s trailer I knew I would be salivating the whole time and I don’t want to step out just to buy food.

Apparently, the food I bought weren’t nearly enough! Chef Carl Casper (played by one of my favorite actor-directors, Jon Favreau) concocted numerous mouth-watering dishes from the start of the movie and up until the end, the movie panned (dolly in to be precise) from the kitchen to the buffet table before showing the newlywed couple & guests having the time of their lives.

This is my version of the Ultimate Cheese Sandwich

The movie Chef created numerous deliriously delicious looking dishes, one that you can smell and want to grab right out of the movie screen! But for me, what stood out was the making of the Cuban (Cubano) Sandwich, the Texas OG BBQ place where the meat was slow-cooked overnight, the Garlic-Pesto Pasta Chef Carl prepared for Molly (played by Scarlett Johansson) and the Cheese Sandwich Chef Casper prepared for his son, Percy (played by Emjay Anthony).   

Since I am still testing a good roasted pork recipe and I don’t have a Plancha (the Sandwich press to grill authentic Cubano Sandwiches à la plancha), I was adamant to prepare the Cheese Sandwich.

The Ultimate Cheese Sandwich

Here’s my take for the Ultimate Cheese Sandwich inspired by watching the movie, Chef!

Ingredients :

Whole Loaf of Bread (I used Batard Bread)

Block of Emmenthal Cheese (also spelled as emmental)

Block of Mozzarella Cheese

Butter (I prefer unsalted butter)

Olive Oil (for greasing the pan)

Preparation Time : 10 minutes

Cooking Time : 10-15 minutes

Procedure :

Batard Bread

1)    Slice bread according to desired thickness. I prefer an inch per slice.

Butter, please I need butter!
2)    Butter the sliced bread on both sides. (In the movie, the bread was buttered when  it was being cooked, not before)

Slices of cheese

Cheese slices placed on the bread

3) Slice the blocks of cheese according to desired thickness (emmenthal & mozzarella are good cheeses, I love and use them in a variety of cheese dishes). Lay the cheese slices on the inner part of the bread. I put the mozzarella on the center part of the bread since it melts more easily than emmenthal.

4)    Grease the pan very lightly with Olive Oil (do not pour too much oil as you have butter on your bread. Oil just helps to avoid a sticky pan).

5)  When the pan is hot, but not smoking hot, you don’t want to burn your sandwich, lay the sliced bread (buttered with cheese slices).

Golden brown cheese sandwich, ready to serve!

6)   Cover the pan and wait until the cheese melts (in moderate heat), grill until both sides of bread are golden brown.

The Ultimate Cheese Sandwich

7)  Get the golden brown cheese sandwich, cut into half (to show the melted cheese) and immediately serve!
The Ultimate Cheese Sandwich, inspired by the movie "Chef" is ready to eat!
My mom is used to just slicing cheese laid on a pre-cut bread. She could not understand why I have to go through all these “trouble.” But when she saw the melted cheese from the halved grilled sandwich her eyes popped!

The Ultimate Cheese Sandwich

She could not stop eating the Ultimate Cheese Sandwich which I have prepared last Christmas season.

I decided to share it with you since most Catholics will be deprived from eating meat But during the time of abstinence from meat, this is a good meal. You can even prepare this for Easter Breakfast.


Tips :

Make sure you have a kitchen towel or tissue since you’ll be spreading the butter on each side of the bread, it could get messy, even with the use of tongs.

When grilling the bread, occasionally check the bread to avoid burning. The fire should be in moderate heat in order to melt the cheese. Too low of fire will only heat the bread.

Two blocks of cheese : mozzarella & emmenthal

Emmenthal (swiss cheese that's sweet & nutty, plus you have that gorgeous cheese holes if you buy the block kinds) & Mozzarella (mild in flavor, often used for pizza for that superb melting effect) cheeses can be "expensive" (for middle income earners - basic salary for most struggling employees is in the range of Php300 to Php400 per day) versus ordinary cheeses that are available in the supermarkets. Emmenthal & Mozzarella blocks of cheeses are actually cheaper if you prefer to cook at home instead of dining out. You can prepare gourmet-style dishes at the comforts of your home. 

You can use other kinds of cheeses available, there are so many to choose from : Gruyere, Monterey Jack, Gouda and Cheddar. Just don't forget the Mozzarella cheese for that perfect melting effect. 

You are allowed to be happy! And good FOOD definitely makes us happy!

Section : Kitchen Goddess
Kitchen Goddess showcases my kitchen "prowess" ehem ehem

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