June 24, 2015


Prawn Salad

I love Shrimps and Prawns! I go crazy whenever I see fresh and beautiful Shrimp & Prawns in the market. Earlier, I bought medium-sized prawns for something delicious to whip up in a flash.

Sharing with you fellow food lovers an easy recipe, that’s healthy too – Prawn Salad.

Ingredients :

Prawns (medium, 8 pcs.)

Green Lollo Rosso

Corn Kernels

2 Red Tomatoes

2 Hard-Boiled Eggs

Olive Oil

Garlic (sliced)

Balsamic Vinegar

Procedure :

1)    Shell the medium prawns but tails and head intact, devein.

2)    Sauté garlic and pan-fry the prawns until red-orange in hue and the aroma of garlic and prawns swirl around the kitchen. Be careful not to detach the head from the body.
3)    Wash lollo rosso and tomatoes in cold water to retain freshness, drain.

A platter of Prawn Salad with Balsamic dressing

4)    Once prawns are cooked well (but not over cooked), start arranging the ingredients onto a platter – bite sized pieces of lollo rosso, diced tomatoes, corn kernels, hard-boiled eggs and top with the aromatic prawns.

5)    Have balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the side with additional corn kernels to boot.

*If you love Shrimps too, you may want to check my recipe on Shrimp Aglio e Olio

Prawn Salad, now eat to your heart's content!
Enjoy this delicious and healthy Prawn Salad!

I hope you continue to join me as I search for more deliriously delicious dining destinations, food discoveries and easy to create recipes.

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