July 1, 2016


Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you prefer to end a hearty meal with a sweet ending? Does mealtime feels incomplete without a cone of sundae, a tall glass of milkshake, a piece of cupcake or a slice of cake to end with?

Well, if you are looking for some restaurants that offer delicious desserts after devouring a sumptuous platter, check out these 18 Delicious Desserts Around the Philippines. These are not dessert shops or cafés but restaurants offering delicious desserts in their menu.

So bookmark this on your mobile phones or tablets to keep it handy every time you have a decadent craving for a sweet ending.


Over the recent years, Metro Manila’s dining scene has become more and more interesting. High-end restaurants from all over the globe has found Manila a profitable location. Here are some restaurants in the Metropolis who have been serving delicious dishes and desserts for several years.


Enjoy fresh oysters flown in from an Iloilo farm, cooked in 101 ways!
After tasting oysters in so many variants, you have to try some of their luscious desserts including this creamy Mango creation.
More on Oyster Boy here.

My Mother's Garden Pie Rivera


How would you like to dine in a historic heritage home served with meticulously designed menu? Designed and built by National Artist in Architecture Antonio S. Pablo, Sr. for his family and later transformed into a dining by reservation. Not wanting to end a glorious meal, articulately designed cake ends in a high note.
More on My Mother’s Garden here.

LJC Group Fely J's Kitchen


LJC Group of Companies has been creating well-crafted dishes for generations.
I do have some favorites including this luscious dessert called Sikreto ni Maria (Maria’s Secret). The secret? More on Fely J’s Kitchen here.

Asya Restaurant Pie Rivera Eat To Your Heart's Content


Asian dishes under one roof, that is the beauty of this chic dining aptly named Asya. Brazo de Mercedes like this definitely brings delight after enjoying an Asian platter. More on Asya here.


After gorging with your pasta and pizza favorites, Amici offers some delicious cakes and ice cream-cake, which I am sure you could not resist. I know, I can’t!
More on Amici here.


Swiss Cuisine never ceases to amaze me. Slow cooked Osso Buco that literally melts-in-the-mouth, is such a palette pleaser. As for dessert, nothing beats sharing a bowl of chocolate fondue with your friends and family.
More on Old Swiss Inn here


Travel much? The interiors of Whistlestop bring delight to any travelers.
After some aromatic Asian dishes, enjoy some delicious desserts including this divine chocolate cake. More on Whistlestop here.


Tsoko.Nut Batirol reminds me of homemade dishes and desserts the way grandma makes in her fragrant kitchen. The best thing – it is a chocoholics haven!
More on Tsoko.Nut Batirol here.


When I think of Dulcinea, only one thing comes to mind – freshly made Churros con Chocolate. More on Dulcinea here.


Cavite Province is home to some delicious Cavite delicacies and to some local dining hub worth mentioning.


Originally established at the heart of Cavite City and eventually built a few more branches for more Caviteños to enjoy some homemade dishes, delicious desserts and a cup of latté. More on Subi Monte here.


From humble beginnings offering baked goodies and delectable dishes to opening an event venue, Malen’s Restaurant has become a familiar dining hub in Cavite Province over the years. More on Malen’s Restaurant here


Just the name of the restaurant alone is a delight, but you have to visit Chateau Hestia to experience what the name truly suggests.
Chateau Hestia is a charming dining place tucked in Silang, Cavite and offers well-crafted European dishes and delicious desserts.
More of Chateau Hestia here.


Wanting a weekend getaway from the concrete juggle, Tagaytay City in Cavite Province provides the most accessible getaway with just a few hours away (1 ½ hours on an early morning road trip) and Restaurant Verbena is one of the must try dining spots when in this bucolic ridge.
Apart from a well-crafted menu, Restaurant Verbena is under the roof of Discovery Country Suites with global themed rooms for your weekend pleasure.
More on Restaurant Verbena here.


A few decades back, one of the famous waterfalls named Hinulugang Taktak made waves for this hilly city. In recent years, Antipolo City has been admired for famous Pinoy artisans, local delicacies and dining destinations.


Just the name Vieux Chalet evokes meticulously crafted Swiss cuisine without the need to fly to the alps. What makes Vieux Chalet even better?
Savor authentic Swiss cuisine while having an option to taste delicious desserts made from local produce. More on Vieux Chalet here.


Cebu! Cebu! The Queen City of the South needs no introduction. It’s a city, an island and province rolled in one. When it comes to dining discoveries, Cebu offers a melange of cuisines and some deliriously delicious Filipino restaurants.


Country inspired Family Farm Grill House offers affordable sumptuous Filipino dishes including this well-loved Pinoy dessert, Leche Flan.
More on Family Farm Grill House here.


Bacolod City is not only known for one of the grandest festivals in the country, Masskara Festival. This is also the Sugar Bowl Capital and with an abundance of sugar, comes the abundance of nothing but sweet endings!


For generations, Pendy’s offers a wide range of Bacolod delicacies including this delicate dessert called Napoleones. More on Pendy’s here.


Cagayan de Oro City is a gateway to the northern part of Mindanao.
This is one city in Mindanao that I would like to visit more and for good measure. If you know me, food tops the list!


Opened from sun up to sun down, Missy Bon Bon offers healthy yet flavorful platters and delicious desserts. Freshly made gelato of numerous variants and decadent pastries are all yours for the taking. More on Missy Bon Bon here.


Tagged as Asia’s most liveable city, Davao City is a gem in Mindanao.
You’ll be missing out if you do not visit this region. Davao City is five minutes away (by boat) from the nearest drop off point to an island paradise. You can also savor exotic tropical fruits and delectable dishes, that’s incredibly affordable too!


Comfort Filipino food is what this dining hub offers.
Locals dine for a hot bowl of noodles known as La Paz Batchoy or a hot noodle plate like Palabok.  What they are known for is turning the exotic Durian fruit into a delicious dessert like this Durian Pie, awarded as one of the best desserts in town. More on Cecil’s Snack Inn & Bakeshoppe here.

I hope you find this collection of sweet endings handy whenever you have an intense dessert-craving while in the Philippines! 


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    1. I've included some establishments within Metro Manila, but also included those in other parts of the Philippines. Thanks for stopping by.