February 28, 2011


Four wide-eyed with big bellies welcome you as you enter Talking Tongues. 

No, these are not their staff but miniature statues atop their counter. Bright yellow walls act as a canvass to highlight the variety of paintings that adorn the wall and comfortable foamed seats are lined. Somehow it’s a festive ambiance to prep your appetite for a delicious Chinese-Indonesian cuisine.

Indonesian Keke Nelwan has been contemplating to put up a restaurant since 2006. When it finally hits her that there were no decent nor authentic Indonesian restaurant that would remind her of her hometown, she finally opened Talking Tongues in February 2009 at the ground floor of LPL Manor.

Fantastic Prawn Curry

No fancy plating here, what they serve are home cooked dishes, with the freshest ingredients. To capture the Filipino palate, the dishes are a little sweet and mildly spicy. During my visit, I got to try two new dishes they created for 2010. Fantastic Prawn Curry was served in a white ceramic white bowl while steaming hot. The large prawns alone were truly mouth-watering. The sauce made up of coconut cream (kakang gata) was mixed with garlic, shallots, ginger, turmeric powder, chilies and some herbs. An interesting mix into one flavorful dish, don’t order this unless you want to eat lots of hot white rice and temporarily forget about your diet. What diet?!

Bounties of the sea - Noodles with Seafood Sauce

Another seafood dish is Noodles with Seafood Sauce with its generous serving, it’s actually good for sharing with a friend. A mélange of seafood are topped on the noodles – mussels, squid, fish fillet and shrimps.

Dessert Rainbow

For a sweet ending, Dessert Rainbow is made up of ice cream scoops of strawberry, mango and buko pandan with banana fritters and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar. Simply comforting.      

Talking Tongues was included in my article at Cook Magazine’s CookStreet Section January 2010 issue entitled On a Table, Around the World.

Talking Tongues 
is located at the ground floor of LPL Manor, 116 Leviste St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Email : talking_tongues@yahoo.com

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Pie Rivera is a food columnist at Republic of 7107 Island Travel Magazine and a freelance writer for other food & travel magazines.

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