August 2, 2012


Vintage Cupcakes by Minnie's Sweet Creations

Over the past couple of years, I would read from the papers that young individuals or couples venture into creating their own business apart from juggling their day jobs. Some to speed up their race in creating a better life while some stumbled upon a new found hobby that became their life's passion. I can very much relate to the latter and so is my featured home-made sweet sensations.

A 3D cake from Minnie's Sweet Creations

July's Life Is Sweet Part II may be over but the delighful sweet ending will probably never end in my food blog (no pun intended). Minette Melendrez-Daylusan is the cake artist behind the numerous intricately decorated cakes of Minnie's Sweet Creations. A proud Filipina who is currently residing in the land down under, Australia, Minette's simple hobby of baking cupcakes at home and being brought to work in 2007 became an instant hit that in just a year friends bought her goodies. Wanting to provide unique cake designs for her kid's birthday was another motivation for her creations to flourish.

Minnie's Sweet Creations' interpretation of Beatrix Potter's The Land of Peter Rabbit

When asked what her favorite creations were, topping the list is a classic magical tale of Peter Rabbit from the vivid imagination of English author Beatrix Potter. The two-tiered cake was surrounded by cupcakes all dressed for a countryside theme.

So if you ever want to party in style or your kids to have a themed children's birthday in the land of Oz, I mean Australia, you need not look further. And if everything goes well, by next year, Minnie's Sweet Creations will have a cake studio on its own.  

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