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If you live in an archipelago and you have an allergic reaction to seafood, that maybe the saddest act for you. I have a first-hand experience with someone who is allergic to seafood and mostly shrimp. His lips would turn extremely red and the outer lip area would swell. For a seafood lover, more so a Shrimp and Prawn lover myself, his pain is heaven for me! (wink)

I am not being heartless. It just happens that when I am with him, I get to devour more of the bounties of the seas. Surrounded with water, I get to taste a variety of seafood dishes whenever we travel across the country. When we visit other parts of the archipelago, the freshest of seafood abound and these are mostly prepared in a simple way.

Allow me to share with you a simple Shrimp & Prawns recipe, using two techniques -  Prawns and Dill : Halabos na Sugpo in Olive Oil.

Most often, simple is the best way to go. One of the easiest ways to feast on seafood, shrimp or prawns in particular, is a technique widely used in the Philippines. My folks have been doing this when I was a kid and could barely reach the kitchen top. Back then, all I know was that I was not suppose to drink the soda because my dad was using it for his shrimp dish – known as Halabos na Hipon. Shrimps are cooked in transparent soda (sorry, no sponsor to mention) – boiled for a few minutes. It was that simple.

Allow me to share with you this technique with a combination of stir-frying. I’m not a fan of Halabos na Hipon, to me the shrimp is undercooked this way – probably how it looked, it’s pale. So with a “stir-fry” I get to enhance the color and flavor of this simple dish. Let’s start to whip up this downright delectable Shrimp and Prawns dish, which can be done it 15 minutes or less! Prawns and Dill : Halabos na Sugpo in Olive Oil.

Ingredients :

10 Medium Black Tiger Prawns (or large shrimp, shells intact)

1 Head Garlic (sliced or crushed)

¾  Cup Transparent Soda (replace with water for low carb)

Fresh Dill (a few stems segregated, about 1T)

3T-4T Olive Oil (for sautéing)

Salt & Pepper (to taste)

Procedure :

1)  Boil soda and cook prawns for 30 seconds on each side. Transfer prawns to a plate, allowing soda to drip. (For low carb, replace soda with water). 

2)    Heat pan and pour 3T-4T Olive oil.

3)    Sauté garlic without burning then add boiled prawns.

4)    Season with salt, ground black pepper and dill.

5)    Once the prawns turned bright orange in hue, serve immediately.

Enjoy this easy to prepare seafood dish with hot white rice, tons of white rice and devour this delicious bounty from the sea - Prawns and Dill : Halabos na Sugpo in Olive Oil!

Cooking Tips :

Dill helps in neutralizing the garlic scent and aids in taking out the fishy seafood smell of shrimp and prawns.

Halabos na Hipon is a simple technique to cook shrimps. Others use water, salt and pepper but I have been used with my parents’ cooking style of using transparent soda, which they say heightens the seafood flavor. Just be careful when cooking with a large batch, like 3 to 4 kilos as this type of cooking can spoil the dish after a few hours.

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  1. I love to eat Sea Food, especially Prawns recipe are my favorite one. keep more posts like this. Thanks for the Sharing Article

    1. Love that you love seafoods, particularly prawns. Hope you’ll try and enjoy this simple yet tasty Prawns and Dill recipe. It's one of my family’s favorite dishes. Thanks for stopping by.