March 4, 2016



Tagaytay City is known as the 2nd Summer Capital of the Philippines. Over the years, Tagaytay City has been the go-to place for a quick getaway from the concrete jungle. Being an hour and a half away from the metropolis, Tagaytay City has been a haven for anyone who needs a rejuvenating day or weekend.

Over the years, Tagaytay City’s landmark and pride is the stunning view of Taal Lake and Volcano. Being in a bucolic ridge, the air is crisp and chilly. With a panoramic sight and a relaxing environment, one thing made this vacation spot a hit – good food!

Today, numerous restaurants and dining-by-reservation have sprouted in Tagaytay City but there are some good ol’ Tagaytay City Dining Favorites that should not be missed.


Mornings are always fabulous when you visit Tagaytay City. Fresh clean crisp air envelops you early in the morning and the scent of freshly baked breads from Bag of Beans. If that is not enough, throw in some delicious breakfast platters to boot! More on Bag of Beans here.


Discovery Country Suites offers gourmet dining at Restaurant Verbena. Meticulously prepared from appetizers, main dishes and decadent desserts, Restaurant Verbena is a must-visit for any epicurean. More on Restaurant Verbena here.


Do you love baby back ribs? Have you been craving for melts-in-the-mouth baby back ribs for so long and end up disappointed in every restaurant you visit? Crave no more! Hawaiian BBQ serves an array of tender meat dishes and one of the best tasting baby back ribs I have devoured! More on Hawaiian BBQ here.


Whenever I travel, it warms my heart to see century-old architectures. For food, traditional home cooked dishes are beyond comfort. When you visit PAMANA, heritage dining of time-honored dishes and some family memorabilia abound. More on PAMANA here.


Take home treats known as pasalubong is the best part when traveling. Pasalubong are any sweets or delicacies purchased for friends and families to enjoy when you arrive home. It is a simple token that you (the traveler) remember them even when you are away. Loumar’s Pies Tarts and Coffee Shop offers a wide range of sweets, delicacies, freshly baked pies and tarts. More on Loumar’s Pies Tarts and Coffee Shop here.

There are still numerous dining favorites in Tagaytay City that I have truly enjoyed over the years - Rowena’s Cafe, Taj of Tagaytay, Antonio’s Restaurant, Sonja’s Garden and some recent players– Nanay Cirilas’ Kapeng Barako, Milagros Private Kitchen and Balinsasayaw all which I have yet to share here in this Philippine food blog.

Still looking for other dining spots? Before going or after enjoying Tagaytay City breeze, you can swing by at two Cavite restaurants (Tagaytay City is part of Cavite Province) - Chateau Hestia and Malen’s. Details here and here.
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