April 4, 2016


 Recipe Round Up Grilled Cheese Sandwich Eat To Your Heart's Content

Every day is a celebration of food. I am not just saying that because I LOVE food (isn’t it obvious?! Lol) Every day is practically a food day on a certain state, country or worldwide. There are also national food months. These food celebrations occur when an individual, a company or an organization chooses a certain food or ingredient and creates a campaign, which is then picked-up by others and goes viral. To make a food day or month official, certain laws on a particular country must be processed. Once everything is in order, a national food month or day is celebrated.

For the month of April, aside from the fact that we celebrate the National Food Month, it is also the National Pecan Month (and day on the 14th) and National Soft Pretzel Month (plus National Pretzel Day on the 26th). As for food days, National Sourdough Bread day celebrated last April 1, National Cheeseball Day on the 17th and National Blueberry Pie Day on the 28th.

Apart from those food days mentioned, two of my favorite food celebrations in April are the National Grilled Cheese Month and Grilled Cheese Day on the 12th. Yes cheese lovers, this is for us.

What is it with cheese that makes every dish so comforting? Don’t you just drool when you see melted cheese once you slice a perfectly grilled sandwich?

Allow me to heighten your cheese craving and make you drool even more as I share with you some downright delicious creations by fellow food bloggers and a bonus recipe (so don’t stop scrolling and reading okay?). Here’s a collection of cheesy goodness, RECIPE ROUND UP : GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH and let’s celebrate the National Grilled Cheese Month and devour them to your heart’s content. (Let’s do the happy tummy dance!)

Apple and Cheese, simply delicious on their own but deadly delicious in these 
grilled cheese combination created by
Renée of Joy in Every Season and Tina Marie from Gluten-Free Foodsmith.




Ham and Cheese, two of my favorite paired ingredients whenever my mom would make my sandwiches for snacks. Had my mom known of the recipes by
Diane of Homemade Food Junkie and Tracy from Served From Scratch,
she would have a difficult time controlling my appetite.



 There are simple cheese sandwiches made with an ordinary cheese and this one is no ordinary cheese sandwich. Inspired by the movie Chef (yes, it’s one of my favorite foodie movies and no matter how many times I have watched this, I still drool over the numerous dishes created and particularly the grilled cheese sandwich Chef Carl Casper made for his son.


Now, an amazing grilled cheese sandwich won’t be complete without an equally amazing bread and as promised, here is the bonus recipe (or recipes) from another foodie friend Karen, the bread guru at Karen’s Kitchen Stories.
She is sharing her gorgeous bread creations and perfect for your grilled cheese eating pleasure.




I hope you all enjoy these yummy Grilled Cheese Sandwich creations as you whip them up for your families, made possible by the generosity of Renée, Tina Marie, Diane, Tracy and Karen’s better-than-a-bakery bread creations. Get hooked to their food sites for more delicious recipes.

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I hope you continue to join me as I search for more deliriously delicious dining destinations, food discoveries and easy to create recipes here at Eat To Your Heart’s Content. Until next post, as I always say, live well, laugh often and eat to your heart’s content!

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  1. These all look so delicious! Perfect summer food! Thanks for including ours Pie! Sharing like a maniac :)

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  4. I love grilled cheese and a local coffee shop makes the best three cheese grilled cheese on this amazing bread that looks just like the bread in the brie apple sandwich above. At home, I've been pretty uninspired but will need to give one of these great looking recipes a try.

  5. Who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich? I had one for dinner tonight instead of Thai chicken curry that was waiting for me :)

  6. YUM YUM YUM! Isn't grilled cheese the BEST FOOD EVER?! Great roundup!

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  8. Such a great post to read on National Grilled Cheese Day! Croque Monsieur is my all-time favorite.

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  10. I LOVE that there's a whole day devoted to Grilled Cheese. My favorite combination is a few different cheeses, with a little pesto.

    What's yours?