July 2, 2012


TCB's display of mouthwatering cakes

What would you say if I tell you that for Php200 you can enjoy limitless luscious cakes and coffee? You must be pulling my big fat leg was what I told my staff when he told me that he knows of a dessert place which serves unlimited coffee and cakes.

TCB's PHP200 Unlimited Coffee and Cakes

For months I did not entertain the idea but after an event which made me tremendously happy, I was just ready to celebrate. What better way to end a glorious day was to punctuate it with a sweeter ending. Sweeter indeed as I was about to feast on some luscious cakes on display at TCB Unlimited Coffee & Cakes for Php200. Well, if you have a few seconds, you can even save Php50 by just liking their Facebook page (the link provided below).

My kind of frosting! TCB's Devil's Food Cake

tempting slice of Devil's Food Cake
"You had me at hello." 

I know, I know, this is the famous line of Renee Zellweger when Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire showed up at her sister's living room to profess his love for her amidst all the success. This was also the line I uttered to myself when I saw TCB's Devil's Food Cake. The entire cake dressed in absolute white frosting and with three layers of sinfully addicting chocolate cake with thin caramel in between layers. I honestly do not know which one I would prefer, the light airy white icing which I have loved since I was a kid or the moist and soft chocolate cake that was so invitingly tempting. No wonder it's called the Devil's Food Cake, the bad girl inside me was just lurking and waiting for the perfect moment to devour its prey. If I did not restrain myself, I could have finished an entire (whole) cake on display.

Fondant frosting covered the layers of carrot cake
TCB's Ultimate Carrot Cake

I am always in the hunt for the perfect Carrot Cake. I could not forget one Carrot Cake that I have tasted a decade ago, when carrot cakes were still new to my ear. Hesitant at first but as I took a bite, it made me a believer that carrots can be irresistibly good in a cake when done perfectly. TCB's Ultimate Carrot Cake would not be called ultimate for nothing. Looks dainty on the outside, with white fondant frosting topped with miniature carrot-looking icing, this carrot cake was filled with grated carrots with various fruits and nuts - sort of a rum cake or fruit cake if you will. It was definitely one of the most delectable carrot cakes I have ever tasted.

TCB's Honey Cake
Love this light and delectable Honey Cake from TCB

Round 3 and I needed a break. Something light to take off that heavy sweet filling from the fondant icing so I decided to have a slice of TCB's Honey Mango. I'm a mango fan through and through - juices, shakes, salads, cakes and most especially the fresh succulent fruits. Honey Mango was the right choice - light, and soft with its chiffon cake, covered by a thin layer of white icing which acts as an adhesive for the graham crumbs and then topped with fresh mango ball in every slice. Honey and Mango was in perfect harmony, complimenting each other to create a wonderful symphony of flavors.

Thick caramel frosting with this TCB Chocolate Caramel Cake

TCB's Chocolate Caramel, truly decadent!

The last slice was the death of my TCB Unlimited Coffee & Cakes eating spree. I could have ordered another kind but the beautiful Chocolate Caramel was too inviting to pass. The Chocolate cake that I adored in the Devil's Food Cake was reinvented, this time it was covered with a thick layer of golden caramel then swirled with chocolate ripple. Who could resist such magnificent work of art? Unfortunately I had to pay the price for this work of art. The gooey caramel was too sweet to handle, I just finished my chocolate cake with a hint of caramel in every bite and that was it! Php200 for four slices of divine tasting cakes. Oh and I had to two cups of hot brewed coffee just to shake off that oh-so sweet caramel frosting. I was aiming for six to eight cakes, but that would have to be on my return at TCB! Glutton in the making, huh!

This article is making me nuts! Good thing TCB Unlimited Coffee & Cakes is listed under my Monday Madness offering. As I recall each slice of cake, I am transported back to the cozy spot at TCB 5/L Shangri-La Plaza in EDSA. If it was not raining like cats and dogs now, I would have rushed to Mandaluyong City at this very minute to enjoy my unlimited coffee and cakes from TCB.     

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(The Coffee Bean)
5/L Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City
Tel No : 635-6672
VALID AT Store Hours : 11AM TO 9PM

TCB Unlimited Coffee & Cakes started last August 3, 2011 and does not have a promo end yet. Offered at TCB in Katipunan, West Avenue, SM Marikina, SM Masinag and Cafe Domingo in Sto. Domingo.

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  1. i don't usually go to ortigas but for this one, i'll make the trip.

  2. I always experience a great time at TCB. You may visit their official fan page - https://www.facebook.com/tcbunlimited

  3. Learn how to make the best coffee from the best baristas from The Coffee Academy Philippines!

    Like TCB Unlimited and get a chance to win a Free Coffee Making Class!


  4. I love TCB's cakes. :) You can also try my newly discovered cupcake shop: Sweet Maria. Nagbebenta sila ng sulit at masarap na cupcakes. Here's their FB page: fb.com/sweetmaria.ph

    1. Thanks for dropping by Nadinne, greatly appreciate your time. Glad to know another TCB lover. I am in unlimited cake haven whenever I'm there :) ... thanks for the tip on Sweet Maria, I'll check this out. Happy New Year! :)