May 13, 2013


When I think of grandmothers, food comes to mind first. I would imagine grandmothers who would supervise their kitchen staff early in the morning to prepare sumptuous dishes for breakfast and even prepare a grand repertoire of gastronomic feasts during fiestas.

The inviting facade of Grand Momma's Kitchen

A visit to Grand Momma's Kitchen made me think of all the wonderful time I had with my aunts who are known to cook up some of the best tasting traditional Filipino dishes I have ever tasted in my entire existence. My departed grandmother used to supervise her kitchen staff for the daily grind. She prefers to have platters of food ready whenever we visit her - children and grandchildren were always overstuffed with food and more food. Too bad my family does not get to visit my aunts as often as we wanted to and I terribly miss my departed grandmother's recipes, so I have to settle for hunting Manila's food scene to get a kick of that comfort food I used to love as a kid.

The appetizing menu of Grand Momma's Kitchen

Grand Momma's Kitchen does not disappoint, thank heavens! They offer a variety of mouth-watering concoctions with an All-Day Breakfast, Chicken Platters, healthy Starters, mean choices of Protein, Pasta, Sandwiches, Side Dish and irresistible line of desserts. The All-Day Breakfast made me feel at home instantly!

Thick slab of pork chop from Grand Momma's Kitchen

Ol' Fashioned Pork Chop & Applesauce comes with a hefty serving of vegetables

To give you a sample from their Protein section, I ordered Ol' Fashioned Pork Chop and Applesauce (Php255) served with crunchy seasoned strips of carrots and Baguio beans sauteed with button mushrooms. It was such a substantial meal because of the hefty serving of mashed potatoes. The pork chop was thick, juicy and packs a lot of flavor after being marinated with various herbs and spices. The meat was tender to the bite with just the right chewiness. I have often favored vegetables to be a bit raw or not overcooked so I was loving every munch of their seasoned carrots and Baguio beans, which I often make at home too, so you see how comfortable I am. The applesauce is a bonus as the pork chop needs very little sauce since it has locked in the flavor of the marinate.

Sweet Pepper and Herb Rice served at Grand Momma's Kitchen

Not knowing that the Ol' Fashioned Pork Chop and Applesauce that I ordered was such a heavy meal with the side dishes, I ordered a serving of their Sweet Pepper and Herb Rice (Php45). To say that it was pleasing to the palate is an understatement, the rice with sweet pepper and herbs were teasing me and I could not resist every spoonful. Other Rice choices are Plain, Garlic and Chicken Rice which varies from Php30 to Php45.

One of Grand Momma's Kitchen's many beverage choices

Drink choices are Homemade Iced Tea, Thick Milky Shakes, Rootbeer Float, Soda and Lemonade. Rates from Php50 to Php115 and bottled water comes at Php45. You can save a lot if you buy your own bottled water from a convenient store, but if you want to splurge, go ahead!

Aunt Betty's Caramel Cake

As for desserts, I wanted to try their Aunt Betty's Caramel Cake (Php145). It looked pretty homemade to me. With just the right sweetness, it was a perfect ending for such a vigorous meal.

Grand Momma's Kitchen is a great option for me as it is just two blocks away from work. I could even walk if the weather permits. Comfort is just around the corner even if home was four cities away. It has definitely part of my Monday Madness section as I go crazy with a myriad of flavors at Grand Momma's Kitchen!

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GF, Il Terrazo
Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City

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  1. I will be in Quezon city next week. This is on my list of places to try. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Im so honored that The Traveling Fool visited my food blog! Thanks for dropping by Bob, greatly appreciate your time and hope you got to check this place. Looking forward to more of your posts and travels about the Philippines... Happy New Year! :)