May 10, 2013


Captivating sunset of Manila Bay

Whenever time permits, my mom and I would head to Roxas Boulevard to witness the glorious Manila Bay Sunset. We both marvel and are constantly dumbfounded amidst a magnificent sun that sets across the horizon. I never get tired of taking photos of the golden sun as every moment is never the same and it was truly one of life's simple pleasures!

The cruise ship of Prestige Cruise Inc.

To up the ante as I wanted my mom to experience something special as we celebrate Mother's Day (mind you, she's in for several treats during the month of May and a few months before), I booked a sunset dinner cruise via Prestige Cruise Inc.

Docking area of Prestige Cruise Inc. is located at the back of Gloria Maris Restaurant

Summer was the best time to enjoy the Manila Bay cruise as the sea was calm and I was certain that we would witness the full glory of the sun as it sets in the afternoon. After our sumptuous Italian lunch (which I will share with you in the not so distant future), we headed to the docking area at the back of Gloria Maris Restaurant behind Folk Arts Theater located at the CCP Compound (do not go down in front of the CCP Theater).

Registration is a must and starts at 5pm

By the time we arrived at around 510pm, the registration has started and a group of five was already waiting. I gave my name for the reservation, presented my ID and we were given our numbers.

By 530pm, people starting coming in.

Early birds gets to choose which floor and seats to take!
We listened to the acoustic performance and some diners also belted out their fave tunes.

By 530pm, groups started to arrive and by 6pm the staff asked us to line up according to the numbers given. Being one of the early birds, we get to choose our seat. Of the three floors, I opted for the second to get a better view. The dinner buffet was located at the first floor, the acoustic singer entertained us at the second and a few tables were at the top most part.

Line for the dinner buffet

The dinner buffet itself was short of ordinary. Just a few simple dishes of Potato Omellete, Lumpiang Shanghai, Pancit and White Rice. There was a dessert and a pork dish which honestly I had no idea what they were.

Additional payment must be made for the drinks.

As for drinks, it was not included in the buffet so you have to buy - Php75 for a bottle of soft drink or bottomless iced tea. I did not bother to line up for the food but instead, I kept taking pictures and more pictures. Mom tasted the above-mentioned so as not to starve but we eventually went to a Chinese restaurant in SM MOA after the dinner cruise.

An hour of sunset cruise at the Manila Bay

Breathtaking play of hues

The whole amount was about Php1,000 which covers the dinner buffet, sunset cruise and the two drinks. But the memories, simply priceless. To this day, mom cannot forget our sunset dinner cruise. The whole experience was a first for her and it was something we can always smile about.        

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Here are a few more photographs of Manila Bay's stunning sunset, captured in various visits. Enjoy!

Dinner cruise at Manila Bay

Golden sunset at Manila Bay

Stunning sunset view at Manila Bay

A play of hues over Manila Bay

The sets over Manila Bay
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