May 4, 2015


Mango Bruschetta
I LOVE MANGOES! I love fresh mango juice, dried mangoes, ripe mangoes, green mangoes, mango shake, mango ice cream, mango cake, mango candies, name it, I love it! I even eat mangoes (as viand) with piping white rice!

So when I was craving for some Bruschetta, I thought of incorporating my beloved mangoes and turn the mixture into a mango salsa!

Here’s a 20-minute snack or even as a meal, from preparation to serving, Mango Bruschetta:

Mango Bruschetta ingredients
Ingredients :

Thick sliced Bread (I prefer French Baguette or Ciabatta)

Ripe Mangoes

White Onions

Red Tomatoes

Green & Red Bell Pepper

Cream Cheese


Parmesan Cheese

Parsley (for garnishing)

Olive Oil

Black Pepper

Cayenne (optional)

Dried Tarragon

Preparation Time : 5 minutes

Cooking Time : 15 minutes

*Preparation and cooking time may vary, depending on the volume. This one is for one French Baguette (about 9 slices), 3 tomatoes, 1 whole mango, 1 big bell pepper and 1 big white onions.

Procedure :

Batch 1 :

1)    Slice Bread, about 1 inch for each slice.

2)    Spread softened butter on each side of the bread slices.

3)    Drizzle pan with Olive oil (just grease the pan & avoid bread from sticking) then grill the buttered bread slices until some parts turn into golden brown but not burnt.

4)    Do the same for the other bread slices then set aside.
Mango salsa ingredients
Batch 2 :

1)    While bread slices are pan-grilled, cut onions, bell peppers and mangoes – according to desired sizes.

2)    On another pan, pour 2T of Olive oil and sauté white onions until translucent.

3)    Add in tomatoes and bell pepper, season with black pepper and Cayenne for some added kick. Add a dash of Tarragon and sauté for a few minutes.

Mango salsa
4)    You’ve created a mango salsa, not just a traditional bruschetta with tomatoes, herbs and Olive oil and it’s perfect during summer!

Mango Bruschetta is ready to assemble!
Batch 3 :

1)    Once your bread and mango salsa are ready, it’s time to assemble. (Oh my! The Avengers just popped in my head!!!)

Generous spread of cream cheese
 2)    Lay bread slices on a platter, spread cream cheese then top with mango salsa. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.
Mango Bruschetta is ready!

 3)    When serving, you may opt to garnish with parsley on top or on the side and some fresh slices of mangoes too.

4)    Serve immediately.
Dig in!!! :)

Tips :

Parmesan Cheese
Freshly grated Parmesan cheese is more flavorful than store-bought, grated cheese. I did not add salt to the mango salsa since I will be adding Parmesan cheese to the mixture.

White onions give a sweeter taste to any dish
You may opt for red onions for a more fragrant Bruschetta but I wanted to use white onions to complement the sweetness of mangoes.

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I have been craving for Bruschetta for some time and because I L-O-V-E  MANGOES to the hilt, this is definitely a part of my Monday Madness feature here at Eat To Your Heart’s Content! 

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  1. I know I'd love bruschetta, but I've never made it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Glad to inspire you, Lizzy! I love mangoes & been craving for Bruschetta for sometime before I made this and was worth the wait. Thank you for dropping by :)

  2. That's a neat idea for bruschetta!

    1. Thanks, Whitney! I love how Bruschetta is versatile, goes well with fruits! :)

  3. What a tasty looking bruschetta, I bet it's very tasty!

  4. Can I just say again how much I love this recipe!

  5. That mango topping sounds delicious and really versatile, I reckon it would work wonders on a piece of griddled chicken breast or even better on a great pork chop :D

    1. Loving your food ideas, Brian! Really love mangoes' versatility and that it is abundant here ... thanks for dropping by :)

  6. This is a real neat recipe...will definitely give it a go!!

    1. Thank you, Krithika ... hope you get to try it, enjoy! :)

  7. That mango salsa looks amazing. You could top it on anything really!

    1. Absolutely right, Melanie! The versatility of mangoes is truly amazing. Thanks for dropping by :)

  8. I love mangos, but I never seem to buy them for cooking or snacking at home, I tend to have them elsewhere. I have no good reason for that because they are so delicious, but I love this bruschetta idea and I'm going to make it after I visit the store to pick up some mangos! Thanks so much for sharing! This looks so refreshing.

  9. looks so yum..I love to try this soon bruschetta :)

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