September 9, 2011


What I like about SM MOA is the extremely numerous variety of choices when it comes to munching, whether you're dining in any of their restaurants, getting a quick fix at their kiosks or savoring sinful desserts or going on a healthy food trip. I stumbled at Swirls Frozen Kefir when I was craving for something healthy other than yogurt.

Swirls Frozen Kefir prides that they are healthier and tastier than yogurt. Well, healthier? I am not a nutrition expert, but it definitely tastes better than yogurt. It's similiar to Yakult (which I absolutely loved as a kid) but with a consistency of frozen yogurt. Plus like most popular frozen yogurt outlets that have been sprouting over the few years, Swirls Frozen Kefir can also be combined with your choice of toppings, and they do have a guide to help you mix and match flavors.

Swirls Frozen Kefir recommends five flavor combinations, Kiwi and Muesli, Strawberry and Honey Almonds, Blueberry and Almonds, Mango and Crushed Graham, Dragon Fruit and Granola.

A cup of Swirls Frozen Kefir with almond shavings and walnuts

Initially tasting Swirls Frozen Kefir, I went for the safe side, frozen kefir plus almond shavings - just enough to get the real taste of this alien product for me. It was light, seemingly Yakult-like in taste and not sour which I really loved. I did not even get a twitched in my tummy - the way when I eat yogurt, particularly the truly sour kind.

Numerous toppings at Swirls Frozen Kafir

They also have other toppings you can choose from - walnut, banana nut clusters, as well as mini choco drops and triple chocolate crunch.

Check out SWIRLS FROZEN KEFIR's other deliriously delicious offerings and savor their goodness in every bite. As I always say, Live Well, Laugh Often, Eat To Your Heart's Content!

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SWIRLS was featured in my article "Cold Comforts" published by Republic of 7107 Island Travel Magazine, Issue 1 Volume 3 at the Island Food and Cuisine Section.

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