January 25, 2016


The Home of Swiss Cuisine in Antipolo City

Vieux Chalet, Antipolo City's Gem
Swiss-German descent Tony S. Hassig lived in various parts of the globe, paraded the streets with high-end vehicles like Jaguar, Harley Davies and Ferrari. Then he traded his high-profile life when he fell in love to a Filipina named Susan. Their loved blossomed that led to the opening of Vieux Chalet in 1984 in the area of Villa Cristina in Antipolo, then after three years they moved to its present location.

If the creation of Vieux Chalet was romantic, the view in this new location is breathtaking especially at night when the city lights are aglow, where you can see the runway of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the skyline of Makati, the happening place at The Fort and even the towers of TV networks in Quezon City, all seen in a 180 degree sweeping motion.

Homemade Shrimp Ravioli in Fresh Tomato Sauce
Vieux Chalet offers Swiss cuisine, which is influenced by German, French and Italian dishes. For an Italian inspired dish, enjoy a hefty serving of Homemade Shrimp Ravioli in Fresh Tomato Sauce, this simple yet delightful dish is made up of homemade ravioli, shrimps, fresh tomato sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese. The ravioli has just the right firmness and the tomato sauce was extremely rich and aromatic with the fusion of some fresh herbs.

Osso Bucco, a best seller at Vieux Chalet
Another pleasant dish, one which I can devour all by myself is Osso Bucco which I was told was another bestseller (and should never be taken out of their menu).  The Osso Bucco is made up of braised beef, slow cooked until the meat is extremely tender and usually paired with Roesti (also spelled as rosti – a Swiss dish similar to the American’s hush brown but if Tony S. Hassig were alive, he would have berated you if you associate rosti with hush browns).

Vieux Chalet's Cheese Fondue
What would a Swiss meal without fondue?  A classic Cheese Fondue is best made with Swiss cheeses like Gruyere and Emmenthal cheeses and spiked with some liquor and sprinkled with some freshly ground pepper. Freshly made bread cut into cubes was a perfect combination to the cheese fondue.

Swiss Chocolate Torte from Vieux Chalet
To cap this satisfying Swiss meal in the mountains, a delicious sweet ending of two slices of Swiss Chocolate Torte topped with chocolate cream and mixed berries such as cranberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Dining at Vieux Chalet was more than filling, it was an experience worth coming back as the Hassig’s warm welcome in their home is a memorable one from the genuine smile the moment you enter their dining area.

Antipolo City Delicacies Mangga Kasuy Suman
Antipolo City's delicacies - Mangga, Kasuy & Suman

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Antipolo City

St. Moritz Inn and Spa is also a part of Vieux Chalet family.
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Vieux Chalet is one of the famous dining destinations particularly during the most romantic time of the year – Valentines Day. So if you are planning for a romantic rendezvous, there is no better time than to reserve now!

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*I have featured VIEUX CHALET many moons ago in my article about Antipolo City, published at Zest Magazine.


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