July 20, 2011


I have always been very picky when it comes to one of my favorite desserts - Brazo de Mercedez. I preferred the eggwhites to be fluffy and airy while the eggyolks should be thick, rich and a bit gooey. And only a few bakeshops can live up to this preference so when visited Asya Restaurant, I was more than pleased. Asya Restaurant prides with a variety of Asian cuisine, hence the name.

Asya Restaurant's Brazo de Mercedez is a sight to behold!

After feasting on their main course (which I will be sharing in my future posts) my dessert was served as if on cue. A colorful ensemble of red and green syrup with a piece of fresh sliced strawberries played supporting cast to the soft white meringue that envelopes the sweet yellow yolks. What's even better, at the time of my visit, this lovely dessert was less than Php100.

Sago't Gulaman from Asya Restaurant

A tall slim glass of Sago't Gulaman was also a good order. Having ordered several viands, their tall glass was quite sweet for my taste that I practically multiplied this drink by adding more water from another glass.


Eton Centris
EDSA (near Quezon Avenue MRT Station),
Quezon City

ASYA RESTAURANT was featured in my article "11 Must-Dine Restaurants in the Metro" published at Republic of 7107 Island Travel Magazine Issue 6 Volume 2 at the Island Food & Cuisine section.

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