August 29, 2011


I always thought that buffets in Metro Manila are not as affordable as when I am in Cebu City or Davao City, but with Chef D' Angelo's buffet offerings, you can eat to your heart's content with Chef D' Angelo's Eat-All-You-Can : soup, salad, pasta and pizza.

With another manic Monday and to most people - with 8 to 5 jobs and a 15 & 30 payday, budget strings may sometimes limit our expenses when dining comes to mind - until the next paycheck when our pockets are all bulked up again. So I am sure that many would opt to have a packed tummy after every meal without going over budget.

With Chef D' Angelo Eat-All-You-Can on soup, salad, pasta and pizza, if you prefer these type of dishes, their buffet can actually be your salvation for a hungry tummy all for only Php150. You have to add Php50 for bottomless iced tea and another Php125 on top of your bill for eat-all-you-can chicken - all in one transaction (you cannot add the chicken-all-you-can after the transaction has been made).

I improvised Chef D Angelo's soup by adding croutons and black pepper, voila!

Their soup is a thin (read : too much water that you can hardly taste the soup's flavor) mushroom soup, and to make it appetizing for this photo, I opted to add croutons and a dash of black pepper. Nevertheless, it's still good to start your meal with piping hot soup especially during the rainy days.

Create your own salad at Chef D Angelo's buffet

Next, their salad - ice berg lettuce with choices of fresh diced tomatoes, strips of cucumber and carrots, black pitted olives and two choices of dressing - mayo garlic and mustard. For the lettuce, be careful when choosing you greens as an elder woman sharing my table had to pluck out two large green leaves with wilted sides. Even if I carefully chosen my greens, i still got some brown/wilted sides (see encircled part of photo). I just wish the kitchen staff took the effort of taking this out before serving. Good thing the combination of mayo-garlic and mustard dressing was not such a bad idea. Many preferred mayo-garlic over mustard but I think the combination with the sharp flavor of mustard actually compliments the other ingredients.

Chef D Angelo's pizza and pasta choices from the buffet

There are two choices of pasta, "creamy white" and "pomodoro" which were both disappointing. I always loved Chef D' Angelo's pasta particularly their Seafood Marinara but what do you expect with a buffet serving pasta - this would just be pure sauce and no other ingredients like meat or seafood. I dined at two different branches of Chef D' Angelo to test the diner's response, one at Alphaland in Magallanes and the other at SM MOA and at both areas, people where actually unsatisfied with their pasta dishes. As with any buffet offers, sharing and left-overs are not allowed but a group of diners who were seated in the next table at SM MOA could not finish the pomodoro pasta that they placed on their plates - four plates as I counted. They managed not to pay the penalty (no sharing, no left-over policy or you pay double) since their table was al fresco-style (outside the main establishment). At Alphaland I got to try their pomodoro pasta and I tried their creamy pasta at SM MOA and improvements with the taste should be done soon.

More servings of Chef D Angelo's pizzas

As for their pizza, this is were my salvation came along. Three variants were available and freshly baked pizza were constantly arriving before the serving plates emptied. Cheese, Hawaiian and Pepperoni are the three choices. I always loved Chef D' Angelo's pizza dough and every bite was wonderful. Except for one pepperoni pizza at their Alphaland branch - which they served with burnt pepperoni. The store manager could have stopped serving this as you would actually taste the burnt pepperoni which destroyed the whole pizza experience.

I hate lambasting restaurants as I know how difficult it is to operate and survive a reputable business in our country but I personally believe that promotions made especially by dining establishments are a way to attract more customers and not push them away to go to other restaurants. Chef D' Angelo has produced one of my all-time favorite pasta dishes and they should be remembered that way - with or without promos.

If you prefer quantity over quality, try Chef D' Angelo's Eat-All-You-Can promo, but if not, just order for their regular priced ala-carte items. I know I would!

I would still check out their deliriously delicious offerings (not from their buffet menu) and savor their goodness in every bite. As I always say, Live Well, Laugh Often, Eat To Your Heart's Content!

Hope you continue to check out Eat To Your Heart's Content for more deliriously delicious dining discoveries.

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Alphaland in Magallanes

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