August 22, 2011


"Give man a fish and he will live for a day..." 

Fish & Co. does not literally give you fish you cannot pay, but they do create a mean dish of Fish and Chips (Php405) which is still the best in town.

Fish and Chips by Fish & Co.

Plump Dory fillet covered in seasoned batter and deep fried to a golden hue then drizzled with rich lemon butter sauce, served on a bed of delectable crunchy fries. They even thrown in a wedge of fresh lemon.

Baked Salmon, sooooo good!

Another fish dish that is a sure hit is their Baked Salmon (Php595) with citrus herb-crust, smothered with a thick creamy mushroom sauce. The two-pieces halved salmon were served criss-crossed and paired with steamed vegetables like diced carrots and broccoli. The Baked Salmon comes as a complete meal with the addition of their specialty rice sauteed with bell peppers, squid rings and raisins.

Soft Shell Crab Salad, a beautiful plate of seafood goodness by Fish & Co.

For the health-conscious, no need to fret as Fish & Co. offers a sumptuous salad - Soft Shell Crab Salad (Php415) which is served elegantly that I initially hesitated to dig in. The salad served was a work of art - red leaf lettuce (lollo rosso - the kind of lettuce with ruffled edges) and crisp iceberg lettuce layered with fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumber strips and topped with breaded soft-shell crab then drizzled with cream cheese and infused with the marriage of sweet and sour balsamic dressing. As garnishing, alfalfa sprouts were laid on top.

I hope you would check out their deliriously delicious offerings and savor their goodness in every bite. As I always say, Live Well, Laugh Often, Eat To Your Heart's Content!

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