August 12, 2011


Family Farm Grill House's native facade

Family Farm Grill House has only been in the restaurant industry for a little over three years, since they opened last June 2008 but has surely become a dining destination when visiting Cebu or when craving for authentic Filipino cuisine. Think of Cabalen and Barrio Fiesta and I am definite Family Farm Grill House will become part of that league, not only of their delectable menu but of the warm hospitality by its staff and gracious owners who originally hail from Manila.

A generous bowl of Kare-Kare served at Family Farm Grill House

Family Farm Grill House has been a great addition to my growing list of must-dine restaurants whenever I am visiting the captivating province of Cebu. A large bowl of steaming Kare-Kare with overflowing ingredients from its meat to the freshly picked vegetables. The Kare-Kare sauce has just the right amount of rich consistency akin to a home-cooked dish our grandmothers prepare. During my visit, their generous serving at Php150 was actually good for four people.

Roasted chicken for your dining pleasure at Family Farm Grill House

Another dish that should not be missed is their moist, tender and overly addicting roasted chicken. What you get is freshly roasted chicken since they have their own open wood-fire, Pinoy-style rotisserie, similar when roasting suckling pigs. What's best, you can literally watch your order of chicken while being roasted and savor the mouth watering aroma that will surely make your tummy grumble even more. Pay only Php140 for their scrumptious, golden roasted Lechon Manok (Roasted Chicken).

Family Farm Grill House's own brand of Cebu Lechon

When in Cebu, never ever leave without tasting their world-famous lechon and Family Farm Grill House has their own version of the local lechon without the need for sauce. Tagged at Php290 a kilo, their Lechon Baboy is rich in flavor and tender in every bite. Just like their Lechon Manok, their Lechon Baboy is roasted the same way and with a capacity of 300 people, serving from 10am to 10pm, their roasted pig is served freshly cooked daily.

Festive mood at Family Farm Grill House

Family Farm Grill House also offers lunch buffet from Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 1pm at an affordable rate of Php150 per head.        

Sangi Road, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

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  1. never miss a chance to eat at Family Farm Grill House when i'm in cebu. I think their Lechon Baboy is the best in Cebu! Very nice staff and owners!

  2. Family Farm is always on my list of "to visit and eat".. Their lecho baboy is the best, a lot better than the famous one in cebu (forgot the name). very nice staff too!

  3. I will definitely visit this place when I go home. I went to HS with the owner (wife). Thank you for posting this on your blog Pie !

  4. thanks for dropping by MAMSINC :)... i totally agree with you, Family Farm Grill House is a must-dine restaurant in Cebu... cant wait to go back! :)

  5. Thanks for dropping by Amy!... such a small world indeed :) ... by the way, your cake creations look wonderful! kudos :)

  6. checked out my blog, so flattered. Thanks Pie. Till the next awesome and ultimate culinary experience you will share with us! Keep on eating !

  7. your creations look wonderful Amy, im sure they taste great too! Thanks also for sharing your time to check my foodblog. Greatly appreciate it :)