August 25, 2011


145 Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafood's facade

What's good about 145 Fahrenheit? Nothing... but well - it's all in their name, prime steaks and seafood. So what makes a good steak? Two things, starting off with how the animal was raised resulting to a high grade marbling rating of the beef (of the fat content) and the way it was cooked.

145 Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafood's prime cut steaks

For 145 Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafood, choosing the highest possible marbling rating and perfecting the 145F of cooking their steaks are not only their priority, it's their religion. So all you get are well-chosen prime steak cuts that's cooked to perfection every time you dine.

Surf & Turf with Baby Lobsters at 145 Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafood

When 145 Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafood started a few years back, they offered prime steak orders which was good for three to four persons but in early 2010, they started offering Surf and Turf in three variants. Prime steaks with prawns, prime steaks with sole fillet and prime steaks with baby lobsters.

Surf & Turf with Sole Fillet

145 Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafood's Surf and Turf comes as a complete meal. Each order is served with a succulent cut of grilled steak on a bed of flavorful mashed potatoes, sidings of sauteed diced vegetables of carrots, zucchini, bell peppers and corn kernels plus the length of the plates gets a dash of aromatic sauce that is great for dipping your steak before each bite. The fun part is every time you dine, you can try any of these three variants - Surf and Turf with Prawns, Surf and Turf with finely textured Sole Fillet, and Surf and Turf with Baby Lobsters. Now, isn't that worth a visit for a steak eating spree at the end of your horrendous busy work week?

145 Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafood also boasts with an impressive open kitchen where you can actually watch your order being prepared ala-minute and salivate while you wait.

I hope you would check out their deliriously delicious offerings and savor their goodness in every bite. As I always say, Live Well, Laugh Often, Eat To Your Heart's Content!

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145 Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafood
Upper Ground, Il Terrazo Building
Tomas Morato cor. Scout Madrinan, Quezon City

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