August 27, 2011


It was not a case of serendipity when I checked out one of Laguna's pride - Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo. When my friend and talented photographer Mike Caballes pitched the Laguna topic to our 7107 magazine editor-in-chief, and upon learning our route, I instantly insisted of visiting one dining area - Aling Taleng's Halo Halo.

Why wouldn't I insist when this is one of the oldest halo-halo serving establishments in the country today (originally established in 1933 by Editha dela Fuente). As I saw Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo signage, I was jumping for joy and my heart was pounding fast - alas! I was about to taste what they are made of.

Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo ingredients like no other!

Forget about a dozen or more sweetened ingredients, Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo offers only seven. Yes, seven ingredients but these will surely blow your mind away with every spoonful. These seven ingedients are ube halaya, kundol, monggo beans, white beans, macapuno, kaling-kaling (or kaong as alternate) and tubo ng niyog (sugarcane bits). Intrigued by the tubo ng niyog, when uncooked, this is a crunchy round produce - with a white to slightly yellowish hue. What they do is wash this, take off its brown "crown" and marinate in apog or lime then sweetened for about an hour. The result is a transparent fruit akin to a rambutan or lychee in color and texture. Each tall glass of halo-halo is topped with this tubo ng niyog when in season. We were lucky that at the time of our visit last July 2010 that all their ingredients were available, if not, leche flan may take place of this interesting ingredient.

Are you ready for Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo?!

All ingredients being home-made spells the difference in every tall glass served and I actually did not bother for additional sugar with this concoction. What's best is that it is only Php50. Pagsanjan's residents are lucky to have Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo with their every whim.

Iconic Pinoy dessert Digmans Halo Halo in Bacoor Cavite
Digman's Halo-Halo

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I hope you would check out their deliriously delicious offerings and savor their goodness in every bite. As I always say, Live Well, Laugh Often, Eat To Your Heart's Content!

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169 Gen. Luna Street
Brgy. Maulawin, Pagsanjan, Laguna
Contact #s : 0915-531-4944, 0922-862-8484, 049-501-7861
Open from 8am to 8pm on regular days
Open from 8am to 10pm during summer

Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo was featured in my article "LAGUNA : FEASTS FOR THE SENSES" published at Republic of 7107 Island Travel Magazine, Island Food & Cuisine Section, Issue 5 Volume 2.

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Photo by Mike Caballes.

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  1. Thank you for featuring us in your blog! Hope you can drop by again in our place and enjoy eating our famous halo-halo.

  2. I'm a halo halo fan as well..I hope I could visit this place soon! :-)

  3. thanks for dropping by Keycee! hope you get to taste Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo, it's truly not your ordinary halo-halo :)

  4. Wow!!! Looks yummy! Wanna visit this place this summer :)

  5. Thanks for dropping by Riz, appreciate it :) it was indeed addicting and I miss it whenever I have my occasional halo-halo craving. hope you get to try this enjoy! :)