June 10, 2011


Laguna's most notable tourist attraction may be the Pagsanjan Falls for adventure seekers but a weekend drive to this charming province is also a haven to food lovers of all ages and affluence.

Located in Barangay Gagalot in Majayjay, Laguna is an impressive 10-hectare family owned farmland filled with an orchard of fruit-bearing trees of ranbutan, guava and lanzones to name a few. A vegetable garden is filled with a variety of lettuce, heads of broccoli and cauliflower and herbs like tarragon and mint. They also allocated a livestock area where they breed organic pig and free-range chicken. As if the area is not filled with all these delectables that's right for the picking, they have two 50-meter pond which houses fingerlings of Tilapia.

Going organic : pork and free-range chicken
Trying out some of their homegrown products, we sampled their Organic Roasted Pig and Roasted Free-Range Chicken. The roasted pig was lean, tender and grilled from a flavorful blend. It was thinly sliced when served with the addition of edible ferns and fresh tomatoes. As for the free-range chicken, it was huge. I am used to buying a little over a kilo of one whole chicken from the supermarket but their free-range chicken, grown in about four months was about three to four kilos a piece.

For those wanting to have a taste of the farm life, Costales Nature Farms has opened their area to students and agriculture enthusiast for a farm tour and enjoy their Pick & Pay where you can grab a basket and pick your favorite fruits in season.    

Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna
Landline: (+63) 49-576-3824
Mobile: (+63) 917- 5382360
(+63) 939-9640808
(+63) 917-5442023
(+63) 917-5393080


Costales Nature Farms was featured in my article Laguna a Feast for the Senses, Issue 5 Volume 2 of Republic of 7107 Island Travel Magazine under the section Island Travel and Adventure. For subscriptions, you may email them at subscription@7107magazine.ph. You can also check their website at www.7107magazine.ph

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