June 8, 2011


Malen's Restaurant in Noveleta, Cavite
Malen’s Pizza Pasta Bakeshop and Restaurant may not be that popular to many, but to those living in Noveleta in the province of Cavite, this 16 1/2-year-old restaurant has been an institution worth traveling to. 

Malen's Restaurant in 1994
What started as a 20 square meter bakeshop by a young couple - Ephraim and Marilyn Bunda has evolved into a 3,500 square meters of sprawling beauty.

This sculpture is displayed at the entrance of the new location & is patterned after Marilyn Bunda's face
Malen's, named after Marilyn, slowly established a niche in the thriving food industry.

Healthy foodie? Malen's got you covered

Oh yes, you had me at pizza! You had me at pizza!

Malen's famous Roast Beef

A glorious ending to a wonderful meal
From just serving baked products, they eventually offered a few dishes such as Kaldereta, Kare-Kare, Pork Chop and their famous Roast Beef.

Malen's can be transformed into a romantic event amidst their sprawling garden
By 2006, they were offering a buffet spread for lunch and dinner during Fridays at a very reasonable (and mind-blowing price for a Manileña) of only P280 net. They also moved to a sprawling 3,500 square-meter location with two dining halls.


Malen’s Pizza Pasta Bakeshop and Restaurant
9025 Magdiwang Highway
Noveleta, Cavite
(046)438-5027 & (046)438-1634

Photos were provided by Chef Harie Bunda
Photos were edited by Pie Rivera for purposes of this post
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