June 6, 2011


The richness of its culture, the grandiose of its numerous falls and the beauty of its captivating mountains, with all these, Laguna awaits to be unlocked for the myriad of flavors it offers.

Our breathtaking view from the garden of Majayjay Bed & Breakfast

From Pagsanjan and passing through the roads of Magdalena, we reached Majayjay Bed and Breakfast late at night for an overnight accomodation as my friends and I embark on a weekend sojourn in Majayjay, Laguna for the next day.

Owned by advertising guru Miong Ordonez and his wife, character actress Encar Benedicto, they transformed their country-style vacation home into a bed and breakfast inspired from their European travels. True to its name, after a relaxing sleep, the early morning greeted us with a cup of hot brew. We had a choice of coffee, green tea and milk with white and muscovado sugar to boot.

Laguna's pride, Kesong Puti

Pinoy Pandesal
The breakfast spread was a feast. For starters, freshly baked pandesal and kesong puti. The pandesal was nothing compared to the commercialized breads you can buy in the supermarkets these days. Though resembling in sight - oval-shaped and toasted to a golden brown, a piece of this kind of pandesal was such a delight. It was thick not airy and gives quite a kick after three pieces and a cup of coffee. It was that filling. I could just imagine the olden days when this kind of pandesal was readily available, life could not be better. 

Honestly, I have always been hesitant to taste kesong puti - for its seemingly fragile look but I could not resist the sight of fresh pandesal without trying the kesong puti. It was buttery smooth, the mildness of salt was present in every bite and it was simply addicting.

Daing na Bangus, another familiar Filipino dish
My eating bliss has just began, the buffet-style breakfast was filled with longganisa from Quezon, scrambled eggs, daing na bangus, and fried rice. It was such a pleasant morning made even lovelier by the amazing Mt. Banahaw fronting our dining table. This is what I call one heightened eating pleasure at its simplicity.

Majayjay Bed and Breakfast
Inquiries : 0918-918-1416

Chef Mau Luto ni Tatay sa Bungkol

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Majayjay Bed and Breakfast was featured in my article Laguna a Feast for the Senses, Issue 5 Volume 2 of Republic of 7107 Island Travel Magazine.
Photos in this post by Mike Caballes.


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