June 26, 2011


Stepping into this elegant hotel-restaurant is similar to a first date - you done your best dress, wear a sexy pair of stilletos and hold your chic handbag then put on your best smile as you sip your Italian coffee and nibble on your al dente pasta. While during dates, you put your best foot forward, here at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel's Paparazzi, you experience best food forward.

During my visit at Paparazzi, I met Chef Salvatore who was spearheading the kitchen. Before joining the Philippine team in Shangri-La, he has mastered his craft in many restaurants in the US, the Bahamas, Buenos Aires and has worked at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai for 2 years. Despite having worked at many high-end dining destinations, Chef Salvatore remained true to his craft that the key to a dish is its flavor where presentation only comes second. Speaking like a true master of the kitchen, his dishes were served in all its simplicity but definitely full of flavors which you can savor with every bite.

Paparazzi's Conchiglioni con Melanza E Ricotta

Just like this simple bowl of Conchiglioni con Melanza E Ricotta with roasted eggplants, fresh tomatoes and ricotta. 

Paparazzi's Fusilli Grande al Salmone

Same goes for the Fusilli Grande al Salmone made with smoked salmon with a creamy thick tomato sauce. As for dessert, who can resist Tiramisu - this all-time favorite Italian dessert will definitely perk you up. As the name suggests, with layers of liquered-soaked ladyfingers (or sponge cake), mascarpone cheese and the foamy custard zabaglione made even lovelier with whipped cream and shaved chocolate on top.

Borrowing the words of Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City The Movie, Part 1) "simple and classic," For me, these best describes a true Italian meal.


Located at the 2nd level of EDSA Shangri-La
Ortigas, Pasig City

PAPARAZZI was included in my article ITALY ON MY PLATE published at Republic of 7107 Island Travel Magazine Issue 6 Volume 2 at the Island Food & Cuisine section. For subscriptions, you may email them at subscription@7107magazine.ph. You can also check their website at www.7107magazine.ph

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