June 20, 2011


By November 27, 2011, Cecil’s Snack Inn and Bakeshoppe, Inc. will mark its 40th year in giving Davaoeños and food lovers unpretentious delicious dishes day in and out.

During one of my travels to Davao City last year, it was a priority for me to visit their main establishment in Anda at the downtown area. A no-frills dining area can be had once you step inside and you have to go straight to their display section near the counter before ordering. Choices are displayed so I did not see any handheld menu and their pastries on display will leave you no choice but order at least one dessert to satisfy your sweet craving.

Pancit Lug-Lug

Known for two merienda fares, I ordered Pancit Lug-lug and my beau preferred the steaming bowl of Batchoy. For dessert we opted for their Durian bestsellers - Durian Roll and Durian Pie.


What seemed as a simple meal as snacks happens to be a delight. The lug-lug and batchoy were both overflowing with ingredients and the taste was simply umami


Durian Roll

Durian Pie

As for their dessert, I preferred the Durian roll while my beau instantly finished the Durian pie. The roll has a subtle taste of durian, with bits of nuts on top and a chiffon-like cake that easily melts in the mouth. I also tasted a spoonful of the durian pie and it was somehow overwhelming to me. This was the first time I was actually eating a version of durian apart from durian candies. But for my beau, who enjoyed every bite, he said this was just like eating an actual fresh durian - with all the flavors in every munch. Durian Pie was awarded last December 2009 by Inquirer Lifestyle as one of the best desserts in the country.

198 Anda St., Davao City
T: 082-2279865 / 082-2275305
email : cecilsnackinn@yahoo.com
They also have about 10 other branches around Davao City and another in SM CDO

CECIL'S SNACK INN & BAKESHOPPE, INC. was included in my article DURIAN : THE KING OF FRUITS published at Republic of 7107 Island Travel Magazine Issue 1 Volume 3 at the Island Food & Cuisine section. For subscriptions, you may email them at subscription@7107magazine.ph. You can also check their website at www.7107magazine.ph

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