June 24, 2011


After a scorching day trip at Samal Island, I was extremely famished as we headed to downtown Davao City. My beau was craving for something Japanese so we rushed to Tsuru Japanese Restaurant but was unfortunately still close at around 4pm. Our grumbling tummy could not wait for an hour. Heck, we cannot wait even for a minute to order food and gorge!

Since we both enjoy Pinoy comfort food, we opted for Dencia's Restaurant just nearby. We ordered a large bowl of piping hot Lomi, a serving of Lechon Kawali, Arroz Caldo and Tokwa't Baboy. For dessert, I had a slice of Mango Float. Let's dig in!

Dencia's Restaurant generous serving of Lechon Kawali

The steaming white rice was perfect with the crunchy chopped Lechon Kawali. The latter was crackling in my mouth with every bite. I did not even bother with their dipping sauce as the deep-fried pork was well-seasoned, and their generous serving at Php161 was good for two. 

LOMI!!! OVERflowing of delicious Lomi

The Lomi served was quite overwhelming. A large bowl was overflowing with the flavorful lomi. And did I say the serving was OVERwhelming? #HappyTummy

Arroz Caldo and Tokwa't Baboy, this delightful combo is one reason why I want to live in Davao City. Pure bliss!

As if the Lomi served was not enough, the large bowl of Arroz Caldo at Php55 and plateful Tokwa't Baboy (Php58) was a tandem I could not pass the moment I read it in their menu. When in Manila, I hardly could find a decent place serving good arroz caldo and tokwa't baboy - often they are priced unreasonably and the serving is quite small. So I often end up cooking Arroz Caldo myself. But lo and behold, Dencia's serving were generous and downright scrumptious.

Mango Float! I love mangoes, need I say more?!

My meal would not be complete without a sweet ending punctuated to it. So I ordered a serving of Mango Float (my beau was already full at this time, so it was a good thing as I get to eat it ALL by myself!) Mildly sweet and creamy, at Php58 this was such a comfort although I wish the mangoes could have been fresher and sweeter, then this would be an ending of unabashed eating bliss. 


is located at Gen. Luna Street, Davao City
T: 082-2276777 / 082-2210887
(Its quite near People's Park and Apo View Hotel)

DENCIA'S RESTAURANT was included in my article FRUGAL DINING IN DAVAO CITY published at Republic of 7107 Island Travel Magazine Issue 1 Volume 3 at the Island Food & Cuisine section. For subscriptions, you may email them at subscription@7107magazine.ph. You can also check their website at www.7107magazine.ph

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